Chipotles (Smoked Jalapenos)

"Chipotles have become sort of a trendy thing right now, but we have been using them for years in all kinds of things. Since I grow all kinds of hot peppers, I figured I would just make my own chipotles. All it takes is a smoker of some sort, peppers and patience. The best kind of smoker for this is a cold smoker or a side smoker, to keep the peppers from cooking during the smoking process. I smoke both ripe and green japalenos and use them for different flavors. You can also do cowhorns or any fleshy hot pepper. Prep time does not include firing up the smoker. 4 hours smoking time is an estimate. Time will vary according to your smoker and how meaty and large your peppers are. It also takes longer for green, grassy flavored peppers than it does for fully ripe ones. 1/4 cup chips is just to start the process, you will need up to 2 pounds, possibly more."
photo by Rita1652 photo by Rita1652
photo by Rita1652
photo by Sheri-bdb photo by Sheri-bdb
Ready In:
4hrs 10mins
1/2 pound


  • 2 lbs red jalapenos or 2 lbs green jalapenos
  • 14 cup pecan wood chips


  • Fire up any kind of smoker: dry, water, electric, side or stovetop. Keep heat very low, under 230 degrees if possible.
  • Stem your peppers, but don't seed them. Place peppers in a single layer on the grate.
  • Using pecan (traditionally) or another wood according to your taste, bring up a good dense smoke. Keep the smoke as dense as possible, while keeping a very close eye on the heat.
  • When using a stovetop smoker, after bringing the smoker up to temperature and producing smoke, reduce the heat to low. The process will take a lot longer but you won't cook your peppers.
  • Check them every hour or so. They're ready when they have shrivelled up and look like dark leather.
  • I just put mine in a canning jar, put on the lid and keep them in the cupboard. They keep nearly forever, if they are smoked through.
  • If you want to pack them in adobo, this is a good recipe: #140353 Adobo de Chile [url][/url].

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  1. Mamas Kitchen Hope
    Awesome! What a great recipe! We had a bumper crop of jalapeno's so I used this fast and easy recipe and tossed them on the smoker along with some meat we were already doing! Could not be easier! Thanks QDM!
  2. Busters friend
    Awesome recipe! Used apple wood chunks over hardwood charcoal. Have done 2 batches so far - the first we smoked dry _ the next smoked until wrinkled but not thoroughly dry - used the second batch in Recipe#166242. We really like the cayennes & habaneros smoked using this method very much too! Definitely in the keeper file! Thanks Rita!
  3. Rita1652
    I made this using apple wood chips and lavender stems. Will crush some and make yummy Recipe #166242. Took 6 hours of smoking. Thanks for the spicey smokey goodness.
  4. Sheri-bdb
    This is the first time I ever smoked Jalapenos and they turned out great! Thanks for posting this wonderful recipe Queen Dragon Mom....


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