Chipotles (Smoked Jalapenos)

READY IN: 4hrs 10mins
YIELD: 1/2 pound


  • 2
    lbs red jalapenos or 2 lbs green jalapenos
  • 14
    cup pecan wood chips


  • Fire up any kind of smoker: dry, water, electric, side or stovetop. Keep heat very low, under 230 degrees if possible.
  • Stem your peppers, but don't seed them. Place peppers in a single layer on the grate.
  • Using pecan (traditionally) or another wood according to your taste, bring up a good dense smoke. Keep the smoke as dense as possible, while keeping a very close eye on the heat.
  • When using a stovetop smoker, after bringing the smoker up to temperature and producing smoke, reduce the heat to low. The process will take a lot longer but you won't cook your peppers.
  • Check them every hour or so. They're ready when they have shrivelled up and look like dark leather.
  • I just put mine in a canning jar, put on the lid and keep them in the cupboard. They keep nearly forever, if they are smoked through.
  • If you want to pack them in adobo, this is a good recipe: #140353 Adobo de Chile [url][/url].