Chipotle Marinade for Grilled Chicken

"This makes a thick, delicious paste that coats the chicken with tons of flavor. I like to make more than one batch at a time, apportioned into quart-sized ziplocs containing enough marinade for two chicken breasts. I freeze my chicken in the same bag with the marinade; the night before I intend to grill, I put the whole bag in the fridge and let it defrost / marinade overnight and all through the next day. I like to serve some fresh, homemade pico de gallo on top. Note: When I open a new can of chipotles, I always freeze them individually with the adobo sauce split evenly among each "batch." Therefore, I'm not positive about the amount of adobo sauce I add, but the 1 tablespoon listed below is a decent approximation!"
Chipotle Marinade for Grilled Chicken created by Neo_Soul_Cook1111
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  • Add all ingredients into the work bowl of a food processor.
  • Process until pureed.
  • Transfer mixture to a bowl or ziploc bag, add chicken, and let sit in marinade overnight.
  • Grill chicken for 6-8 minutes per side.
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@Robyns Cookin
@Robyns Cookin
"<p>I never realized how easy it is to create restaraunt-quality dishes at home until I lived with my grandparents over one of my summer breaks from college. As soon as I got my first apartment (a year&nbsp;or so&nbsp;later), I started cooking and have been addicted ever since! I like to challenge myself with new ingredients and techniques. I'm big on research, and will spend hours learning the how to's of new ideas ahead of time, because there's nothing more depressing than making a disappointing meal! <br /><br />I've taken it upon myself to be in charge of Thanksgiving dinner for the past 5 years (I'm 27 now)...I enjoy the challenge, and think I put together a pretty darn good spread! :) <br /><br />My fiance and I both LOVE to eat good food, but although we won't deny ourselves some wings and a beer now and again, we try to eat pretty healthfully on a day-to-day basis.</p>"

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  1. Neo_Soul_Cook1111
    Chipotle Marinade for Grilled Chicken Created by Neo_Soul_Cook1111
  2. gailanng
    A FABULOUS AND FLAVORFUL recipe reviewed by one who adores her oven, strokes her burners and kisses her bbq pit regularly. I'm so silly.
  3. gailanng
    Chipotle Marinade for Grilled Chicken Created by gailanng
  4. Jazz Lover
    I love chipotle peppers and this was a really simple recipe to put together. The marinade gave the grilled chicken a nice flavor but it is good calorie wise for someone who is trying to watch their weight.
  5. megs_
    WOW this is great stuff! We were on the lookout for a recipe similar to the restaurant Chipotle's chicken, and I found this one. Sooo good. I actually put it on pre-cooked chicken and let it marinate for 1 hour. I omitted the cilantro and used a red onion instead of white. Then grilled it up in a pan. A little spicy but DH said "It's better than Chipotle!" which made my day. :) I think next time I might use fewer chipotle peppers, but otherwise will follow exactly. Thanks for a keeper!!

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