Chinese Crunch Salad

Chinese Crunch Salad created by Sharon123

This is so wonderful on a hot day. The addition of chicken pieces makes it a meal in itself, and the browned ramen noodles give it a delicious crunch.

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  • Toss cabbage and green onions together.
  • Melt butter in large skillet.
  • In the melted butter, brown the crumbled ramen with sesame seeds and almonds, being careful not to burn them.
  • Cool.
  • Keep dressing and noodles separate until ready to serve.
  • Toss all ingredients together just before serving.
  • NOTE: You can also add chopped cooked chicken or mandarin oranges if desired.
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@Kellie in SLO
@Kellie in SLO
"This is so wonderful on a hot day. The addition of chicken pieces makes it a meal in itself, and the browned ramen noodles give it a delicious crunch."

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  1. Dannys Diner
    So good! I've used this recipe for years. I just looked on to see if the same recipe had been added and here it is! This is super! Such a great meal on a warm day. Today, for the first time, I added raisins and it was delish -- great flavor and color.
  2. CelestialShannon
    Just the recipe I was looking for. Perfect.
  3. blancpage
    Yum! I also used a pre-packaged coleslaw mix and packaged grilled chicken strips, as rickoholic suggested. I also added a can of drained mandarin oranges. Bf and I both enjoyed it. I halved the recipe to 4 servings and we both ate 2 helpings. Not very filling on its own for either of us, so next time I make it I'll prob use it as a side or appetizer salad. It was very easy and had a nice flavor. Thank you Kellie. :) I just upped my rating to 5 stars; I was talking to my bf about dinner plans for the next day and he said "That thing you made last night, now THAT was yummy, I really liked it." That thing I made was this salad, so next time I can get to the grocery store, I'm buying ingredients that I need. If my bf is impressed, that means a lot. :) Thank you again for posting a definite pleaser! UPDATE: I've made this salad at least five times now, and one time I made it I used a Jack Daniel's Honey Teriyaki Marinade (was on sale) before I baked and sliced the chicken breasts. That was delicious and both my bf and I savored this salad even more with the added flavor. Jack Daniel's Marinade is expensive, so I tried to find something to replace it. I found Recipe #127004 and it went absolutely perfect with this salad. My mom and bf also raved about it. Imo, it's definitely worth marinating the chicken you use in this, it just really adds to the already flavorful dish. :)
  4. Sharon123
    Chinese Crunch Salad Created by Sharon123
  5. Sharon123
    Delish! I made as directed. Love the dressing! Loved the crunch! Thanks Kellie!

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