Chili Stuffed Enchiladas

"Very simple, hearty and delicious take on enchiladas. The last time we made enchiladas, we ran out of the chicken mixture we were using for the filling...but we had some leftover chili, so my resourceful DH used that to stuff the last tortilla. The results were fabulous! Tonight, it was chili filling all the way!!"
Chili Stuffed Enchiladas created by Starrynews
Ready In:


  • 8 -10 small flour tortillas
  • 12 ounces enchilada sauce (I recommend Trader's Joe's)
  • 3 cups chili (amount approximate, thicker is better, use your leftovers!!)
  • 12 cup queso sauce (I recommend Tostitos brand Monterey Jack)
  • 1 cup four-cheese Mexican blend cheese
  • sour cream (optional)


  • Preheat oven to 350°F.
  • Warm tortillas for about 30 seconds in microwave, enough to make them soft and pliable.
  • Pour enough enchilada sauce to just cover bottom of greased 9 x 12 glass baking dish.
  • Fill each tortilla with about 1/3 cup chili (no need to warm up if you are using leftovers). Roll each tortilla and place seam side down in the sauce-lined pan.
  • Pour remaining enchilada sauce over the stuffed tortillas, being sure to completely cover all of them. Use a spoon to spread over any exposed areas.
  • Warm queso slightly then drizzle lightly over tortillas.
  • Finish by topping with shredded cheese.
  • Bake at 350F for 30 minutes, until sauce is bubbly.
  • Serve with a dollop of sour cream, if desired.
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  1. Kitty D.
    So, this is Amazing. We're doing low carb so I made the enchilada sauce with Swerve. And the tortillas were Carb smart but followed all other directions to the T. Thanks for a great way to use leftover chili. We ate two and froze the rest for great heat and eat enchiladas.
  2. Sandra W.
    Chili Stuffed Enchiladas Created by Sandra W.
  3. Sandra W.
    Really, really good, I never have seemed to make rolled enchiladas be very good until now, made recipe exact, with the exceptions: I made my own queso cheese since I did not have the store bought on hand, which is great because making my own ment extra left over for dip and chips.. also I chopped jalapeños and sprinkled on top before the cheese since we like more heat. Thank you for posting.... we WILL be making this again??
  4. randyandie99
    I made this last night after googling 'leftover chili recipes'. Followed the direction but added sliced black olives and japs on top of the enchiladas while baking. Served with sliced lettuce, avocado, and Greek yogurt substituting for sour cream. My chili was vegetarian- black bean and kidney bean. I used weight watchers cheese. It was all really delicious- husband loved it too.
  5. Sydney Mike
    I freeze my chicken chili in 8-cup containers, so these enchiladas were an easy make for me! I pretty much followed your recipe, & now will keep it around to use again & again! Thanks so much for sharing it! [Made & reviewed for one of my adoptees in this Spring's round of Pick A Chef]

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