Chiles Poblanos Rellenos a La Mejicana (Mexican Stuffed Poblano

"Authentic chile rellenos are not battered in flour or cornmeal. The only thing that they are dipped in is eggs. I know this because I have watched real mexican cooks make these in guadalajara mexico. They are a bit tiddious to make but I asure you that the outcome will be well worth it. I do not mind the work that goes into it becuase I enjoy the wonderful impression on my guests faces when they take a bite of this authentic dish. You should serve sauce over them as there really is not a chille relleno with out a sauce (you can look up multipurpose tomato sauce for my particular recipe). You can use toothpicks to help keep the chilles closed during frying but make sure to remove them after cooking. A rule of thumb that I use is that I use 1 egg as batter per chile, for example: 6 eggs for 6 chiles. Also make sure to drain fried chiles very well on a paper towel. When buying poblano peppers, try to find wide peppers. Usually these are easier to handle when frying. It is better to buy cheese that you can slice and not shredd as it is easier to stuff and it holds it shape better."
photo by Chef Sarita in Aust photo by Chef Sarita in Aust
photo by Chef Sarita in Aust
photo by Chef Sarita in Aust photo by Chef Sarita in Aust
photo by Chef Sarita in Aust photo by Chef Sarita in Aust
photo by Chef Sarita in Aust photo by Chef Sarita in Aust
photo by Chef Sarita in Aust photo by Chef Sarita in Aust
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  • On medium heat in a large frying pan, cook beef, onion and garlic. Add the chicken bullion and salt to taste. Drain of excess fat and set aside.
  • Meanwhile on a comal (or over open flame) roast chile until skin is charred and blistered, turning occasionally for even roasting. About 2 -3 minute on each side. Place the chiles in a plastic bag and cover with towel. Let rest for about 15 minute Once cooled, peel as much skin as possible without tearing the chile. Slice a small slit on side of chile and gently remove stem, membranes and seeds with your fingers. If too many seeds are left, try putting small opening of chile under soft running water for remaining seeds to wash out and dry with towel.
  • In a clean bowl and with clean beaters, beat egg whites until foamy peaks form. About 5-7 minute Set aside. In another bowl, beat egg yolks until thick and yellow, about 4-6 minute Set aside.
  • Fill large frying pan with oil to about 3/4 way up of pan. Heat on medium high heat. IMPORTANT to make sure oil is hot enough to cook before placing peppers. Test oil by placing tiny amount of egg white in oil and waiting to hear if it immidietly sizzles.
  • Assemlble your work station: Beginning with meat, then chiles, then cheese, then egg yolks, then egg whites and finnally ending at the hot oil.
  • Stuff chiles with meat first (do not overstuff) with about 2 table spoons of meat, depending on size of chiles. Then place 2 slices of cheese lenghwise in the chiles. Try to keep chile opening closed (you can secure with 2 toothpicks).
  • Place chile inside of bowl with yolk, gently lifting chile and supporting it under neath with both hands. Brush top side with yolk.
  • Gently dip yolk covered chile in egg white mixture (try to spoon egg white on top if not covered enough).
  • Gently slide chile into frying pan and let fry. While it is frying, with a wide slotted metal spoon, spoon some hot oil on top of chile. The egg whites will start to puff up. Fry for about 3 mins or until brown on that side. Gently flip with a spatula and fry the other side until brown.
  • Drain WELL on paper towl. Dabb top of chiles with paper towel to try to remove excess oil.
  • Pour tomato sauce over chile and crumble queso fresco on top.

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