Chickpea Popcorn

READY IN: 30mins
YIELD: 2 Cups


  • 1
    (548 ml) can chickpeas, Drained and Rinsed (Patted Dry)
  • 1
    teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 2
    teaspoons kettlecorn-flavoured popcorn seasoning
  • 1
    teaspoon sugar
  • 12
    teaspoon salt


  • Drain and rinse the can of chickpeas over the sink, using a colander.
  • Pat-dry the chickpeas with a paper towel so they're not dripping of any excess water. They should still be moist.
  • Spread the chickpeas out evenly on a cookie sheet, or inside a metal cake pan. Something with short edges will be best so you can let the chickpeas roll around, and not lose any in the process ;-).
  • Sprinkle the kettlecorn popcorn seasoning, or substitute the salt/sugar mixture, on top of the chickpeas. Then, do the same with the cinnamon. Tilt the pan a few times to evenly coat the chickpeas. Repeat if necessary with the remaining seasoning and cinnamon to taste. Use all of it for a more intense sweet/salty-tasting snack.
  • Set oven to Broil, and broil for about 20-25 minutes. Be sure to take out the pan and/or move the chickpeas around so they don't stick to the bottom of the pan, and broil evenly.
  • When finished, the chickpeas should be golden, a little dry on the outside and a little chewy still on the inside. If you want them crunchier, keep them in longer. I like mine a little chewy.