Chicken Soup for the Soul

READY IN: 2hrs 26mins
YIELD: 2 liter




  • First of all I had 2 chickens that I seperated the legs and breasts of to be used another time.
  • The Carcass then cut into smaller bits I placed into a large stock pot and covered with my finest water.
  • This is brought to a simmer and the foam skimmed of as it rises to the top.
  • After about 10 minutes I add the vegetables and spices apart from the stelline pasta, cut leeks, peas and diced broccoli stem.
  • This stock now is left to quietly simmer for 2 hours or more (it can be anything up to 24 hours, but who would want to wait that long).
  • After 20 minutes I will lift out the carrot and parsnip pieces, cut them into cubes and use them in the finished soup.
  • Strain the stock, pick any meat of the chicken and in another pot bring all remaining ingredients for the finished soup to a boil.
  • Now it all just needs another 5 minutes of simmering to warm through the vegies, chicken and pasta. Then it's ready to make you feel good!
  • Enjoy!