Authentic Hungarian Chicken Paprikash

"I came up with this one night after being inspired by a bunch of other recipes, and it was so delicious that I had to write it down and share it. It was also pretty easy. Serve this over buttered noodles."
Authentic Hungarian Chicken Paprikash created by dianegrapegrower
Ready In:
1hr 15mins



  • In a large pot, heat the oil and sauté the onion until translucent.
  • Add the green pepper, cook for 5 minutes or so, and add the mushrooms.
  • Cook until the mushrooms are just softened.
  • Add the paprika, caraway, pepper and salt (if you are not using salty stock, such as bullion cubes.)
  • Stir and add the chicken thighs and mix.
  • Add the tomatoes and enough stock to mostly cover the chicken.
  • Cover and simmer slowly for approximately 45 minutes.
  • The chicken should be falling off the bone, very tender.
  • Remove the chicken to a deep serving plate that has been warmed.
  • Reduce the stock a bit if it looks like it will be too much sauce.
  • Mix some stock fully into the sour cream to thin it a bit, and then mix the sour cream into the rest of the stock.
  • Heat until hot, but Do Not Boil.
  • Pour the sauce over the chicken, and serve over buttered egg noodles.
  • Miscellaneous Notes:

  • Use 8 thighs if very large. "Bone in" is great.
  • Canned tomatoes are fine, as are bouillon cubes for the stock (in which case, don’t add salt until the end, after you taste) and low-fat sour cream.
  • The prep time includes chopping and sauteing the veggies, and making the sauce at the end.
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@Dories Lori
@Dories Lori
"Hi~ First question – who’s Dorie? Well, she's my mother, and I love her dearly, though she had little to do with my interest in food. See, I just had to come up with a Zaar name, and my little-used ebay moniker popped into my head. I love the 'Zaar and find so much inspiration from the recipies and the friendly community. I love to read recipes and cook, and I am often "creating" dishes. Sometimes I read a bunch of recipes about whatever I have in mind, and do things the way I think I would like them. Unfortunately, I usually don't measure, which is too bad, because they often come out great, and I would like to share them. Now that I am hanging out around the 'Zaar, I expect to be measuring more! About reviews - I often don't follow recipes exactly. I look forward to writing about my experience/alterations, though I might not give a rating if my "altered" experience is not a fair assessment of the original recipe. I often find the star rankings difficult, but on the new Zaar, they seem to be assigned values, so I plan to use them. And, I want to add how helpful I have found other peoples reviews - I always read them when available. That's what makes this site so helpful! (Second besides the community.) I'll write more about myself some day, and my wonderful relationship with food. OK - it's someday - 2 things come to mind. My favorite way to spend my birthday is to cook and invite people over (if only the house would clean itself - I don't have TIME for that!) I like Cook's Illustrated, and often refer to that while cooking. Sort of like my cooking bible, the first place I look, as a reference. Although, I do not think they are the final word in things. Hey - and now, the Zaar is the first place I usually look :-) Another is that I like to eat everything, but I generally (doesn't that mean >50%) cook healthy. So far, this has meant looking for whole grain recipes, or taking other recipes and making them whole grain. Sometimes with mixed results. Various musings: I'd like to write a cookbook (and get rich from it, too.) I bet lots of people here feel that way. Truthfully, it sounds like a LOT of work. Especially as I am too lazy to measure things. LOL I found a pet peeve - incremental product downsizing! Wreaks havok with recipes, and it is so cheap and annoying to destroy standards. Here is another peeve: the variable heat (capsaiasin?) in jalapenos! Why are some so hot, and the next one is so mild??? It is so hard to control the heat in dishes that way. Just can't tell from the outside. Well, Grrr... AND I SPEND WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON THE 'ZAAR! :-) I played Pick-a-Chef Fall '06, and now I get to display these fun banners! <img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"> <img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">"

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  1. dianegrapegrower
    Authentic Hungarian Chicken Paprikash Created by dianegrapegrower
  2. dianegrapegrower
    Delicious! I used chicken breasts and cut into bite sized pieces. Otherwise made exactly to the recipe. Next time I make this, I may add a little garlic with the onion. Served over smashed potatoes with green salad.
  3. TattooedMamaof2
    Very good! I omitted the mushrooms and used 3 chicken breasts, cooked as directed, took them out and chopped them, then put them back in the pot. It was very good, but the breasts were a little chewy. And in case anyone doesn't know- it's very important to have your sour cream at room temp and stir it before adding it to a sauce, and don't let it boil! Otherwise it will curdle.
  4. Mirj2338
    Great recipe! I used 1 kilo of chicken breast which I browned with the onion. Then I left the whole recipe to simmer, and even though there was no bone for the chicken to fall off, it was tender and moist. I didn't add any sour cream because I do not mix chicken with dairy. Served this over broad egg noodles with some caraway cabbage on the side. My Hungarian father would have been happy to eat this!
  5. flower7
    Authentic Hungarian Chicken Paprikash Created by flower7

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