Chicken, Mushroom and Prosciutto Rolls

"An elegant entrée, a great main or a fabulous finger food, whatever suits you."
Chicken, Mushroom and Prosciutto Rolls created by The Flying Chef
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  • Sit your chicken breast on a chopping board and slice it all the way through the middle (like you are filleting a fish).
  • You should have two almost identical top and bottom pieces of chicken.
  • Repeat for the other breast; set aside.
  • Heat 1 Tbsp oil in pan and add onion, fry until almost transparent and then add garlic. Stir occasionally.
  • Cook for 2 minutes then add sliced mushrooms.
  • Remove from heat and allow to cool.
  • Put your chicken breast between two freezer bags and pound it so that it is quite thin then cut it half along the long edge.
  • Ok you should now have four chicken pieces- spread each with cream cheese then divided the onion/mushroom mixture between them (spread the cream cheese and the mushroom all over the chicken).
  • Roll the chicken up tightly then roll a piece of prosciutto around it and secure with a toothpick, repeat.
  • Heat 1 tbsp oil in pan and over medium/high heat seal the chicken parcels on all sides.
  • Lower the heat and continue cooking until chicken is cooked through (about 10-15 minutes, depending on the size of your breast-- lol).
  • Either serve as is with your favorite sauce or cut into slices to serve as nibbles or entrée.
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  1. Lets Cook
    Yummy!!! My husband loved this. He keeps asking me to make it again, but I haven't had a chance to make it again. Next time I think I will use regular ham though because it doesn't fall apart as easily, and it's so much cheaper. Very yummy though
  2. Aunt Jennys Cookin
    I give this 5 stars because I screwed it up and it was still AMAZING. My family was absolutely THRILLED about this chicken. I topped these off with bearnaise sauce... which all said was perfect. Here's what I did that screwed it up: I cooked the mushrooms a bit with the onions and garlic --which the recipe does not call for -- this made the texture of the filling very silky and slippery and it was very difficult to get it to stay inside the chicken rolls. I should have followed correctly. Further - after filleting the chicken breasts, pounding them out and slicing them lengthwise, they were much too thin in width. I wish I had stopped at the filleting part and proceded to pound them out but not cut them in half lengthwise. I think it would have been much easier to handle and work with them. However... I added to the onion garlic mixture while cooking - a pinch of dill, a few pinches of salt, some pepper, and about a tablespoon of crushed red pepper. To top it off I added about 2 tbls parsely flakes. Then afterwards I added the mushrooms! I also wrapped these in thick sliced bacon as I didn't have the Proscuitto (and it was rather expensive as I trippled this recipe for my family size. Though it seemed as though everything was falling apart, It was truly awesome! Thank you for this recipe.
  3. The Flying Chef
    Chicken, Mushroom and Prosciutto Rolls Created by The Flying Chef
  4. The Flying Chef
    Chicken, Mushroom and Prosciutto Rolls Created by The Flying Chef
  5. The Flying Chef
    Chicken, Mushroom and Prosciutto Rolls Created by The Flying Chef

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