Chicken in Garlic White Wine Cream Sauce

"I have had chicken in white wine cream sauce at a local restaurant and found it was probably my favorite chicken dish. I have searched in vain for a recipe that would include all the ingredients I now only vaguely remember. So, in desperation, I found a basic recipe and have adapted it. I have made this a few times and found it very close to what I remember. The only missing ingredient is cheese. I have yet to remember what cheese was used (other than it was a white cheese). Eventually I will experiment with adding cheese, but for now I am really pleased with this version. I hope you like it too."
photo by Miss JJ photo by Miss JJ
photo by Miss JJ
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  • Lightly brown both sides of chicken in olive oil.
  • Add onion, garlic, mushrooms, and butter and saute about 4-5 minutes until onions start to become translucent.
  • Add wine and Worcestershire sauce and cook an additional 2 minutes.
  • Lower heat and add cream, salt, pepper, basil, and parsley.
  • Too high of heat will cause the cream to curdle.
  • Simmer on low 20-25 minutes until done.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Shawn P.
    can I use milk?


  1. mdc_kasper
    Very good,quick and easy to prepare.I went with 6 cloves of garlic and a pint of heavy cream.I also added a 1/2 cup of parmesan at the end and a teaspoon of cornstarch mixed with a teaspoon of water to thicken it up. Served it over white rice.
  2. crystal.trottier
    This recipe is very good, I have made it several times. I would caution the use of cornstarch to thicken the sauce It mutes the delicate flavor. The addition of parmesan is an excellent suggestion I use about 1/4 cup and shiitakes are also good. To speed things up I grill the chicken first until it 1/2 way cooked and 1/2 the heavy cream plus usually double the basil, Worcestershire sauce, and mushrooms while cutting the onions into larger pieces. It seems more hearty to me when there are chunks of mushroom and onion.
  3. Miss JJ
    YUMMMM!! My hubby and I loved this!! It will be made again soon I am sure! I think that in the future I will add a little cornstarch to thicken up the sauce and maybe add a tiny bit of parmesean cheese for an extra bonus! Thanks for the recipe!!
  4. lornajohnson58
    this is now the 3rd time i've done this recipe and my family love it. i didn't change a thing and i think this will be 1 i pass on to all family and friends thanks
  5. AraStar
    To thicken up the sauce I added a bit of grated parmesan and this was absolutely great!! I made it with blackened chicken...YUMMM!!!


  1. waking
    1 med carrot shredded
  2. Ruth I.
    Comment only on type of cheese writer said was missing.



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