Chicken Gumbo

Chicken Gumbo created by PaulaG

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  • In a large soup pot, add all ingredients.
  • Bring to a boil.
  • Reduce heat and simmer until all vegetables and rice are tender.
  • Remove bay leaf and serve.
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  1. Annie O.
    Real southerners wouldn't touch that with a 10 ft. pole. You have to make a roux first, equal parts of oil and flour, stir til a golden brown, or til the color of peanut butter, don't dare leave it, it burns very quickly. Then saute your celery, onions, bell peppers, garlic, and okra, if you like okra or don't add it if you don't like it, at a low heat, for about 20 min. Stir often!! When the veggies are a clear color, then add your spices and tomatoes, and chicken broth, boil hard for 15 min. then add the cooked chicken or any kinds of meat that you like. Cook that real slow for about 1 hr. That is the way you cook real Cajun gumbo.
  2. Annie O.
    see above.
  3. nesbitt929
    Ok ,Being from Louisiana I have to say this is not true gumbo.To the reviewer that says it was not intended to be then maybe the name should be different.I don't believe it was intended to start an argument howeve this is a good soup!
  4. jimjimmler
    Hands down the most authentic New Orleans style gumbo recipe out there.
  5. Amandaelles
    This is not gumbo. Gumbo is when you first start out making a roux with oil/flour. The roux you want the color of peanut butter or DARKER. If you smell burn..throw out and start over. It takes roughly 30-45 min. slow cookn' to make this roux constantly stirring. Then you add your trinity which consist of onion/peppers/celery...let this sweat a bit then add you stock made from the chicken bones or the shrimp/crab shells. You bring this to a boil then simmer for a couple hours.......add your cooked meat, chopped okra and simmer for another 30 min. Check for seasoning using cayenne pepper, garlic powder and salt. Of course you know to season the water you are making the stock with also. If you are making a seafood gumbo add the okra first...cook for 30 min. until okra is done then add seafood and cook for 5 minutes. Turn off and let sit 15 minutes b4 serving over hot rice. Top off with FILE'. I do not use tomatoes at all in my gumbo.

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