Chicken Fried Chicken

"I love this recipe! We eat this at least once a week. My kids love it with mashed potates or dirty rice. I have never actually used exact measurements so if you need to add a little more or less, it is ok. (Update: I have omitted the previous step 9. Thanks for the advice!)"
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  • Pour enough oil to cover bottom of skillet or frying pan. Heat pan to medium heat (300-350 degrees).
  • Mix flour, salt and pepper in pie dish.
  • Pour Milk into a bowl.
  • Put saltine cracker crumbs in another pie dish.
  • Beat chicken breats with mallet to desired thickness. (I usually place breast in a ziploc bag to beat and I like the breasts pretty thin.).
  • Dip in milk, then flour mixture, then eggs, then saltines.
  • Place breasts in pan. Repeat with each chicken breast.
  • Cook chicken for approximately 5 minutes each side or until a golden brown.
  • .
  • Remove from pan and place on a papertowel lined plate to remove excess grease.
  • Serve with gravy to top.
  • Enjoy!

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  1. This recipe is much healthier than most for fried chicken! We'll definitely try it - and although we are VERY health conscious I think every now and then one must have all the trimmings! I think using the olive oil is a good choice and adding some roasted garlic to those mashed potatoes might be both good and good for you. Perhaps not for diabetics and heart patients but it sounds wonderful for those of us who aren't on such restricted diets. Great recipe, Thanks!
  2. Wow! This was excellent... I used flour instead of cracker crumbs only because I didn't have any - The entire family enjoyed.... Thank you!
  3. Wonderful recipe. The chicken was moist and tasty. Loved the cracker crumbs!! Will definitely make again. We loved it!!
  4. I thought this was pretty good. This was the first time I had used cracker crumbs as a coating for chicken. I don't think I will do that again as I much prefer dry bread crumbs or flour.
  5. Fantastic recipe! I've actually used this a few times now and each time everyone loves it. Absolutely delicious chicken! Thanks for the post!


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