Chicken Curry With Fei (Bananas) and Sweet Potatoes

Recipe by Annacia
READY IN: 31mins




  • Place the chicken legs in a roaster, brush with the mix of soy sauce, plum sauce and oil. Put aside in a cool place.
  • Clean and peel the sweet potatoes and cook them in saltwater, to which has been added some sugar. When cooked drain the water and cut the potatoes into large slices.
  • Wash and cut the papayas in half, remove the seeds, drip some lemon juice on each half, store in the fridge. Cook the fei (bananas) in the oven at 175oC. (Pos. 6/7) for about 15 minute (don't peel the bananas). Toss the garlic, slice the onion and put aside.
  • 1 hour prior to serving, put the chicken legs into the oven, add the onion, garlic and the curry, put salt pepper and oil. After about 20 min cooking time, put 2 ladles bouillon over the chicken legs. 10 min later add the papayas the sweet potatoes and the peeled bananas and wet every 10 minute.
  • Before serving, add the coconut milk. Check the finishing of the ingredients and the seasoning.
  • Serve in hot plate, put the sauce, chicken leg, half a papaya, the sweet potatoes and half a banana. Baste with sauce decorate with the green onion.