Chicken Corn Chowder With Green Chilis and Bacon

Recipe by garden_cook
SERVES: 8-12




  • Prep garlic, onion, potatoes, celery together onto a large plate and put aside.
  • Chop up bacon and cook in a large skillet over medium low heat until well done. Bacon will soften during soup cooking.
  • Without draining drippings, add your chopped vegetables and cook until onions begin to soften.
  • Over your pan, sift white flour beginning with 1 tbs until all the renderings are absorbed and a light coating on flour has appeared.
  • Add stock.
  • Bring to a low simmer and add your spices. Simmer uncovered for about 15 minutes. During this time add your chicken and corn.
  • At this time you might have to transfer to a stock pot. Add 1/2 cup light cream and start with one cup of milk. Return to a simmer.
  • Separately, mix 1/4 cup corn meal and 1/2 cup of water. This is to be added to your chowder next for flavor and thickening.
  • Depending on the consistency you like, add the rest of your milk and corn meal mixture. Add milk to make it thinner, and corn meal mix to make it thicker. Or both. The cornmeal will be visible in the soup, but if you have "fine" corn meal, you will not feel it.
  • Simmer for 20 minutes until potatoes are soft. Serve.