Chicken Cordon Blue Cheese

Chicken Cordon Blue Cheese created by Bergy

A simple but elegant sharp flavoured dish.

Ready In:
1hr 20mins



  • prepare your boneless skinless chicken breasts by slicing them almost in half through the side - butterflying them.
  • spread them open and set aside.
  • pour your milk on a plate the appropriate size for your chicken breast to sit on.
  • sprinkle your shake 'n' bake mixed with pepper to taste on another plate the same size.
  • place two slices of ham together neatly.
  • in the center of the ham sprinkle two teaspoons of blue cheese.
  • roll the ham rather tightly to avoid losing your cheese.
  • place the ham in the middle of the chicken breast and close it - secure with a couple of toothpicks.
  • gently place the chicken in the milk and with your hand pat the top with the milk - a gentle milk bath will secure the shake 'n' bake and keep the chicken moist.
  • now gently place in the shake 'n' bake and pat crumbles on the top and sides.
  • place the breasts in a baking dish and cook at 350 degrees for 1 hour.
  • allow the chicken to cool for 5 minutes before removing the toothpics and serve.
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"A simple but elegant sharp flavoured dish."

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  1. reneeumiami
    Very easy if you have everything in place before you start handling the chicken. I reduced the cooking time to 45 minutes for a very thick breast. The Shake and Bake made it a bit too salty. I think I'll use seasoned bread crumbs next time.
  2. Chief T
    Sorry this dish fails to deliver.... The problem is the cooking time. If you cook this thing like I did, thankfully when the cheese was bubbling out of the chicken, you'll find out that 1 hour is 35 to 40 minutes too long!!! I hope the other cooks that have prepared this to check their ovens, I have a few therm's to make sure, that they may have temps that aren't right. Otherwise the taste is OK, but you must be careful of the amount of the Shake-and-Bake used as it over powers the taste quite a bit. Good luck!
  3. hiwayman
    Family loved this even the kids, I followed other suggestions and lowered the time by 15 minutes and chicken came out moist and tender. Will cook this again.
  4. Freya
    We were both thrilled with this recipe. Great flavor all around and I didn't have to beat my breasts :lol:. I added more blue cheese 'cuz we love it. Next time I will reduce the cooking time as mine was starting to get dry, also. Maybe start checking at about 30 mins. Otherwise, great instructions - very easy to follow.
  5. Bergy
    Chicken Cordon Blue Cheese Created by Bergy

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