Chicken Chimehuin

READY IN: 40mins




  • Using kitchen shears, split the chicken down the breastbone and open it out flat. Pat it dry with paper towels.
  • Season the chicken with salt, the lemon juice, and the rosemary. Be sure to push some of the rosemary under the skin.
  • Crush the garlic cloves into a coarse paste, using a mortar and pestle or a heavy knife; OR, grate the cloves with a microplane grater (which is what we do). Rub the garlic all over the bone side of the chicken, and push some under the skin. Set the bird aside while you prepare the fire. You can prepare the chicken up to this step and leave it, covered, in the fridge for as long as overnight.
  • Prepare the grill coals for a medium fire. Or, heat a large, deep-ridged cast iron grill pan on the stove over medium heat, then brush the pan's ridges well with olive oil.
  • Place the chicken, skin side up, on the heated grill or the grill pan and cook until it browns and crisps nicely on the first side, about 15 minutes. Turn the chicken and grill the other side until the skin is crisp and brown and the chicken is cooked through, about 10 to 15 minutes longer.
  • After the bird rests a few minutes, cut it into serving pieces, then sprinkle with the minced lemon confit, and serve with the parsley sauce.
  • Helpful hint: To peel a whole head of garlic easily, place the separated cloves, skin on, in a large jar. Screw on the lid and shake the jar vigorously until all skins have separated from the cloves.You can also do this much more noisily by shaking the garlic in a pair of stainless steel bowls.