Chicken and Flour Tortilla Dumplings

"These taste just like the one's your grandmother use to make. They are so thin and perfect. Unless you tell I promise nobody will ever know they are flour tortilla's. If you want to make for a really big crowd, follow the same instructions just use a 6 qt pot and an additional small pack of 8.5 oz shells. Also you can omit the chicken if you want and use canned chicken broth or bouillon cubes."
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  • Fill 4-quart pot half full with water.
  • Boil chicken until tender.
  • While chicken is cooking, slice tortillas with a sharp knife 5 slices across and one slice through the middle.
  • Remove cooked chicken and shred with a fork or cut into cubes.
  • Place chicken, cream of chicken soup, butter, salt and pepper into boiling chicken broth.
  • Bring to a rolling boil.
  • Drop individual tortillas into pot one piece at a time.
  • Do not stir, you can pat the top of the dumplings and move them around slightly with a wooden spoon.
  • Boil medium/high heat for 12 minutes.
  • Remove from heat.
  • Add 1 cup of milk and move the dumplings around gently to mix the milk.

Questions & Replies

  1. Does flour tortillas plump up like the dough dumplings
  2. Can this dish be frozen?
  3. How much chicken broth do I use?


  1. THIS was awesome! So easy and So great! The only thing I did different was I boiled a whole chicken and deboned it instead of just boiling 4 breasts. Super yummy! I followed the rest of the instructions exactly especially NOT stirring the tortillas, but patting them and just pushing them down a bit.
  2. First time making this and I must say it turned out DELICIOUS! The tortillas were very tender and overall it was a big hit! I'd recommend trying this recipe. Thank you for sharing this recipe :)
  3. I make chicken and dumplins and always have great reviews and people want me to make them and bring them to there house. I have given them away as a gift. So I'm very partial on my southern dumplins. But, I thought I would give this a try not figuring I was reading it right with flour tortillas as I have tried to cook them similar to this before but I thought I would give it a try. It was alot less time then mine and I used a chicken boullian for the chicken broth. Well to my my surprise it came out pretty good. The tortilla has a little different texture but quickly got use to it. Mine started to burn a little on the bottom it said not to stir. It was a very hard thing to not stir as mine has alot of stir well most of the southern foods I make needs lots of stirring. But, I give it a five star. Great flavor, cheaper than my dumplins, alot quicker and can't wait to share.
  4. This was delicious; however I added carrots, onions, peas and parsley for flavor and to make it more filling. Also instead of making broth, I used canned chicken broth, which worked out fine.
  5. This recipe is awesome! My family of 6 devoured it, had seconds and we still had leftovers! The only substitution I made was after the chicken was cooked, I replaced half the water with chicken stock. Delicious and so easy. My husband was baffled by the dumplings and even after I told him they were tortillas, he was still amazed.


  1. Used chicken stock, one can of cream of celery and one of cream of chicken. Omitted the cream. Came out divine!
  2. This was delicious; however I added carrots, onions, peas and parsley for flavor and to make it more filling. Also instead of making broth, I used canned chicken broth, which worked out fine.
  3. Wonderful! This is how my mom has always made chicken and dumplings. She had to make triple batches when I was in high school because about 10 kids would show up to eat them. The only thing she does differently is use chicken stock instead of water. Of course she also cooked a whole chicken instead of using just breasts. I make mine just like this recipe. Sooo good. I have always thought what most people call normal dumplings were gross. Thick and doughy-- yuck! I will stick with this. Thanks for posting!


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