Chicharrones En Salsa Verde

"This is a typical plate at my house, my DH loves it. It is basically pork rinds, in a tomatillo sauce. Started making my own salsa, since the canned ones that I bought, weren't that good. This is how my Mom would make it, back home. If you don't have a "Carniceria" (store, specialized in meat cuts), buy the kind of pork rinds in a packet/bag."
photo by Matthew N. photo by Matthew N.
photo by Matthew N.
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  • To make the salsa, boil the tomatillos (without the papery husk), and jalapenos, until the jalapenos change color. Put all the tomatillos, and jalapenos in a blender, add some of the water that was used to boil them. Add the onion coarsely chopped, along with the cilantro, garlic salt and bouillon.
  • To prevent minor burns, either use a clean washcloth instead of the top of the blender to cover, or if your blender top has the little attachment you can remove, remove it before you blend the hot ingredients. Blend everything.
  • Chop the chicharrones to bite size, and reserve.
  • Heat up some oil in a large skillet, add the salsa, and bring it to a boil, before adding the chicharrones.
  • Let everything simmer for some 15 minutes before serving.
  • Serve hot, with refried beans and flour tortillas.

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  1. Matthew N.
    Great recipe!!! There's a local Hispanic market that sells fresh chicharrones near my home. Easy even for a gringo! I served with seasoned pinto beans. Everyone loved it! Thanks!!!!
    • Review photo by Matthew N.
  2. KatieGLA
    This reminded me of growing up in West Texas. My husband had never had it and loved it. I changed it up a little instead of pureeing everything I just quartered the tomatillos and onions, and left the jalapenos in a nice big dice. I also sautee'ed the onions, garlic and jalapenos in butter, then added my tomatillos. Let all that cook down a bit, and added about a cup of broth.
  3. Edgar T.
    Just wanted to add that the salsa you get out of this recipe is delicious on its own. The salsa with the Chicharrones were delicious! Reminded me of growing up in East LA in the 80’s.
  4. EagleWarrior
    I have lunch at a local "comida corida" (food on the run) food counter, and they serve a dish I love of Chicharrones en Salsa Rojo (red sauce), I also love salsa verde and so I tried this and it was superb.
  5. Norma0406
    excellent, easy, cheap, fast. love it


  1. Matthew N.
    Didn't tweak anything! Made it as is!
  2. College Girl
    I LOOOOVE THIS! I actually had a similar green sauce in the fridge and i was looking for something to do with the pork rinds. NICE! Why didn't i think of this... I added Serrano peppers instead of jalapeno in my salsa. That's all we had in the garden right now because i made Texas Lizard Eggs the other day. So tasty!


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