Cheeseburger in Paradise Cookies

READY IN: 30mins
YIELD: 20 cookies


  • 2
    (12 ounce) boxes vanilla wafers
  • 1
    egg white
  • 14
  • 4
    cups sifted powdered sugar
  • 4 -5
    teaspoons milk
  • 12
    teaspoon almond extract
  • green food coloring
  • yellow food coloring
  • red food coloring
  • 1
    cup shredded sweetened coconut
  • 2
    (10 ounce) packages peppermint patties (anything resembling the girl scouts' "thin mints")


  • Place whole, perfect vanilla wafers on 2 trays; one with wafers facing up, the other with wafers facing down.
  • Each tray should have the same number of wafers (35-40).
  • Brush wafers (rounded side up) with egg white and sprinkle with sesame seeds.
  • Set aside.
  • To color coconut, place in small container with several drops of green food coloring.
  • shake well and let sit.
  • To make"cheese" frosting, whip powdered sugar and milk together til smooth.
  • add yellow and red food coloring til desired orange tint is achieved.
  • To assemble"cheeseburgers", use dab of frosting to glue peppermint cookies into place on to wafer (flat side up).
  • This is your"burger".
  • Now spread frosting"cheese" on and sprinkle with green coconut"lettuce".
  • Dab with frosting again and top with sesame wafer.
  • Repeat until all"burgers" are made.