Cheese Plate Kebabs

"The best way to have a cheese plate on the go."
Cheese Plate Kebabs created by Probably This
Ready In:


  • 1 lb cheese, see directions
  • 14 lb olive, castelvetrano
  • 14 lb hard salami, cubed
  • 14 lb prosciutto, thinly sliced
  • 18 lb dried apricot
  • 2 -3 French baguettes, cubed
  • kebab skewer


  • First, choose your cheese. I suggest choosing between 2-4 kinds of cheese depending on how much variety you want on your skewer. Be sure you're also choosing cheeses that will hold up to being cut and skewered. My favorites for this are: your favorite cheddar, a simple brie that isn't too runny at room temp, a goat gouda, and a blue like fourme d'ambert. Cube all your cheese.
  • When getting ready to cube hard cheese (like cheddar or gouda), be sure to let it come to room temperature so it doesn't shatter when you try to slice it. Softer cheeses are ok to cut cold.
  • Get out your skewers, I like to use mid-sized or traditional kababs cut in half.
  • Now, layer your skewers with your cheese plate cubes. The pattern I use is: cheese, olive, bread, different cheese, salami,bread, cheese, olive prociutto, bread, apricot. This is to keep the cheeses from touching so you can enjoy them individually while always giving the eater a piece of bread next to a piece of cheese.
  • Feel free to have fun layering! Try this method with your favorite cheese plate staples for a fun picnic dish that will quickly become everyone's favorite.
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  1. amy y
    Any ideas for a creamy dip for this? I am on a sailboat all summer, and this looks perfect to eat on a boat!
  2. Naomie In Castaic
    My mom had millions of variations on this same theme. Always a crowd pleaser no matter what you use, plus the presentation can be so pretty! For your lactose intollerent buddies, I just do meat and veggie versions. Sping and summer are perfect for different fruit kabobs too. I always do a "nibbles" party where we make tons of food like this then sit around all afternoon / evening enjoying each others company! Excellent share!
  3. Probably This
    Cheese Plate Kebabs Created by Probably This
  4. Probably This
    Cheese Plate Kebabs Created by Probably This
  5. Probably This
    Cheese Plate Kebabs Created by Probably This

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