Cheddar Tomato Eggs

READY IN: 15mins




  • NOTE: I made this in college in a very low-powered microwave. The amount of eggs you use will depend on how long to cook the eggs, especially in a newer microwave. I prepared this the other night in my new convection oven and only used two eggs. The time was about 2-3 minutes and I stood there and watched them closely, stopping a couple of times to stir them. REMEMBER, microwaves vary in power and when changing the ingredient amounts, the time might change too. Novice cooks might not realize that, so if you screw up a couple of eggs, just try it again. This is delicious and worth the few minutes.
  • Stir together ingredients. Place in a microwave-safe dish and cover with plastic wrap. Microwave on medium heat for 3 minutes. Microwave 3 more minutes after turning. Let stand 1 minute.