Chappatis (Roti)

Recipe by Ranikabani
READY IN: 2hrs




  • Put flour and salt in a bowl.
  • Add water a cup at a time, kneading.
  • When kneading, make your hand into a fist and roll your knuckles into the dough, folding edges in continuously, working in all the flour.
  • When all the flour is kneaded into a ball, poke lots of holes into the ball of dough.
  • Pour a little oil into the dough and knead it inches.
  • Add the rest of the oil (the dough will look very oily and that's the way it should be).
  • Cover with a clean cloth and let sit for at least an hour.
  • Roll the ball in a little bit of flour so it's not sticky.
  • Divide the dough into about 15-20 balls depending on how big you want the chappatis to be.
  • Flour the counter/board.
  • Roll out each ball to about 6 inches in diameter.
  • Brush with melted butter.
  • Fold in three (like you fold a letter).
  • Now it should almost look like a long tube.
  • Take one end of that tube and fold it in to the centre and gently press it inches.
  • Take the other end of the tube and fold it over the seam.
  • Now you should have a little bundle of dough.
  • (In other words, fold the dough into thirds one way, and then the other).
  • Flour a plate and place the bundles on them.
  • Roll each one out to about 6-8 inch diamete, flouring counter/board as needed.
  • On a flat cast iron disc (available at Indian grocery stores) or on a big frying pan (cast iron is best), heat pan, and put chappati on it.
  • When it starts looking a bit translucent, flip it over.
  • Brush with melted butter, shuffling it around the pan quickly, then a quick flip over, a bit of melted butter (it should start puffing up into a pillow like shape).
  • Once it has small golden brown dots on both sides, take it off an put into a serving dish (cover with a clean cloth as you keep preparing the rest).
  • You will have to adjust the heat during the whole frying process.
  • Clean off the pan with paper towels or a clean cloth in between frying each chappati.
  • Don't turn the chappatis too much, just once or twice is enough.