Cedar Plank Grilled Pinot Grigio Mahi Mahi W/ Chili Lime Rub

"This is a VERY easy and flavorful recipe that can be ready in 30-40 minutes . The only thing that might make it vary in taste is the rub but if you follow the steps you will see it sounds a lot harder than it is and you will be putting out a dish that will make you look like a 5 star chef , thats a promise !!"
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Ready In:
5hrs 30mins




  • 1: Take your cedar plank and completely submerge it in pinot grigio for at least 5hrs. make sure your plank is big enough for all the fillets.
  • 2: Rinse and pat dry your (fully thawed) Mahi Mahi fillets so they are dry and place on a large platter (try to buy the fillets without the skin / even frozen is ok) .
  • 3: Rub both sides with olive oil and generously rub the fillets with your chili lime spice and sprinkle some fresh rosemary/thyme on top . Cover and place in the fridge for a few hours before cooking.
  • 4: Once you are ready to cook , take your plank and dry the side you are going to cook on . Baste that side with olive oil and sprinkle that side with salt.
  • 5: Preheat your grill to an even medium heat . Place all the fillets on the plank and add a slice of lemon to each fillet .
  • 6: Grill them for at least 30 minutes and try not to open the grill to maintain a consistant temperature You will see the tops flake and the lemons brown just a bit when they are done. If there is a flare up try to put it out and close the lid as soon as you can to keep in the smoke and temp right. Smoke will be billowing out of your grille but thats what the cedar plank is for , but keep an eye out for flare ups. If you soak the planks for 5+ hours you should have no problems if you maintain the steady medium heat.
  • 7: Once the fillets are browned and flakey , take the whole plank off and serve as is with the plank as a serving tray . (keep a towel or trivet under for the heat).
  • 8: I usually serve this with some rice and asparagus. Trust me when I say you will get rave reviews. Just dont over cook the fillets. Check them when its about 30 minutes into cooking and peek every 5-10 minutes thereafter .

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