Cauliflower-Cheese Soup

"I told my wife that I said her Recipe #76000 also made great cauliflower soup, and she ordered me to send this recipe, which is her variation of her mom's recipe. This is good, but I think the Broccoli Soup variation is better... just a matter of taste, I guess."
Cauliflower-Cheese Soup created by Chef PotPie
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  • In a large saucepan.
  • simmer cauliflower in chicken broth until slightly softened, and set aside, leaving in broth.
  • Saute onions in melted butter until soft.
  • Season with pepper, add flour, and continue to cook over medium heat for about 5 minutes, stirring constantly.
  • Add flour mixture to cauliflower and chicken broth, and stir carefully so that cauliflower doesn't break up.
  • Add milk and bouillon granules.
  • Increase heat, and cook until thickened and starting to boil.
  • Reduce, heat, and add cheese by handfuls, mixing between each addition, stirring until melted and combined.
  • Do not allow to boil after adding cheese.
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@Toby Jermain
@Toby Jermain
"I WAS retired oilfield trash since 1999, who has lived in Houston TX for the last 25 years, though I'm originally from California. I'm Texan by choice, not by chance! I am now working in Algeria 6 months a year, so I guess that gives new meaning to the term SEMI-retired. I grew up in restaurants and worked in them for 13 years while getting through high school and college, working as everything from dishwasher to chef, including just about everything in between. At odd intervals I also waited tables and tended bar, which gave me lots of incentive to stay in school and get my engineering degree. During the 33 years since, I have only cooked for pleasure, and it HAS given me a great deal of pleasure. It's been my passion. I love to cook, actually more than I love to eat. I read cookbooks like most people read novels. My wife and I both enjoy cooking, though she isn't quite as adventurous as I am. I keep pushing her in that direction, and she's slowly getting there. We rarely go out to eat, because there are very few restaurants that can serve food as good as we can make at home. When we do go out, it's normally because we are having an emergency junk-food attack. My pet food peeves are (I won't get into other areas): are people who post recipes that they have obviously NEVER fixed; obvious because the recipe can't be made because of bad instructions, or that are obvious because it tastes horrible. I also detest people who don't indicate that a recipe is untried, even when it is a good recipe. Caveat emptor!"

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  1. llcooljack
    We love this soup! I was worried that I had lost the recipe and couldn't find it by searching "cauliflower cheese soup." Luckily, I found my printed copy. This soup needs to be found easily!
  2. Chef PotPie
    Cauliflower-Cheese Soup Created by Chef PotPie
  3. llcarlino
    The BEST cauliflower soup!! My husband, kids and mom LOVE it!!!
  4. rsfrain
    This is sooooo good. Better than any other I've tried and so simple to make. Whipped up a batch in no time. Delicious. Will be a staple in our house during the winter months. Can't wait to try your brocolli-cheddar soup also. I didn't add the extra bullion as I was out and used mild cheddar as that was all I had and still super. Thanks for sharing this recipe.
  5. daisy3_kel
    The best Cauliflower soup I've ever tried! Used homemade chicken stock.

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