Cauliflower Cheddar Fritters

"Crispy cheese-filled fritters with mild cauliflower and onion flavors. Easy to make and to-die-for delicious! My 3 year old loves to dip 'em in ketchup."
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Ready In:
8-10 side dish servings




  • Make a smooth batter with first 7 ingredients.
  • Mix in next 3 ingredients.
  • For best results, refrigerate for an hour or so (but not necessary).
  • Drop by spoonfulls into hot oil and deep fry til brown and crispy.
  • Sprinkle with salt immediately upon removing from oil.

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  1. Delicious, and easy. Try them with ranch dressing. I cooked them in a T-Fal deep fryer at 350 degrees.
  2. I agree with everything she said. They are easy and to die for. One of my guests said that I had made too much food and she could have made a meal off of these. They were light and tender. Great recipe, I will make these again, and again.
  3. Wow, really yummy!!! I am going to try it with other veggies too!
  4. These were really yummy...however I baked them in a 425 degree oven for about 12 min and they were quite tasty (my parents are on a diet, fried foods are supposed to be out of it), but these were still great, and I felt good getting in some more veggies!!!
  5. I loved this! Always like finding recipes that are able to sneak in a bit more nutrition but still taste as yummy as the original recipe. I used my food processor to very finely chop up my cauliflower and onion. Used extra sharp cheddar, added some garlic powder and tabasco also. Let sit in fridge for may 20 minutes before cooking in my little Fry Daddy. Cooked up light and fluffy, no one in my family knew there was cauliflower in the recipe till after dinner when I told them! A keeper for us, thanks for posting.


  1. Mmmmm XP I love cauliflower and cheese and 'cauliflower cheese' so of course when I saw this recipe I just had to make it for dinner! My family don't like the texture of onion, so I omitted it. Then to make up for the loss of flavour, I used smoked salt instead of regular table salt, and in addition to the ground black pepper called for in the original recipe, I threw in: - 1/2 Tsp smoked paprika - 1/4 Tsp garlic granules (equivalent to 1 fresh clove) - 1/8 Tsp English mustard powder - Scant pinch ground nutmeg. With these little tweaks they've been rated 5 stars by my fam. They loved them—so much so that I've been asked to make them again for dinner tommorow :D And these little balls of cheesy cauli goodness are so delicious that I have no objections to their request and shall be heading to the store in the morning to pick up another cauliflower... Oh, and because the amount of cauliflower I could fit into my measuring cup kept changing as I diced it smaller, I ended up just dicing the lot of it and stirring bits in until it looked like it was a good consistency. In total I used 250g of cauliflower which yielded 18 perfectly held together and golden fritters after I chilled the mixture for the hour called for and then deep fried tablespoonfuls of it in sunflower oil over medium-high heat (numbers 4 & 5 on a 1-6 stovetop dial) for 2-3 minutes a batch. In the future methinks I'll be sticking to 250g of cauliflower as these fritters were just right in every way—not too cheesy/heavy and enough other flavours going on that they could be enjoyed eaten alone or with a simple dip. I personally served with ramekins of a homemmade tomato and green chilli sauce but I imagine they'd go well with a wide array of condiments/dipping sauces. I mean, they're versatile, light, quick to make, and super tasty. There's really nothing not to love about them! However, next time I think I may just have to throw some crispy bacon bits into the mix because bacon, duh. This recipe is definitely a keeper.
  2. Working with what I had on hand, I subbed the egg for some Egg Beaters, olive oil for butter, and threw in some sage, thyme, and mustard powder with a dash of cayenne for kick since most of the reviewers recommended some spices. Some Recipe #403803 would also give it a great flavor as it matches beautifully with cauliflower. I used sharp cheddar cheese. So delish!


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