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Catfish in Wine With Broiled Scallion Butter Sauce

Catfish in Wine With Broiled Scallion Butter Sauce created by Parsley

This catfish entree is elegant and easy to prepare. I serve it with noodle casserole with four Italian cheeses, sauteed fresh vegetables, and a wedge of iceberg lettuce with homemade 1000 dressing.

Ready In:



  • Heat the oven to 350 degrees.
  • In a baking pan, place the catfish filets, pour the wine over them, then salt and pepper.
  • Bake, covered for 20 minutes and remove from oven.
  • Turn on the broiler.
  • Mix together the sauce ingredients, and top each filet with 1/4 of the mixture.
  • Sprinkle on paprika.
  • Broil until the topping is golden brown.
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"This catfish entree is elegant and easy to prepare. I serve it with noodle casserole with four Italian cheeses, sauteed fresh vegetables, and a wedge of iceberg lettuce with homemade 1000 dressing."
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  1. Denaundra B.
    Great recipe, 4got butter and paprika, but the mayo, worcestershire, hot sauce (oh yeah and I used hot sauce instead) combo was excellent. I believe I overcooked the fish b/c it just completely broke apart, other than that love this recipe!!!!!
  2. Sharbysyd
    I had some catfish in the fridge that I needed to cook tonight and I wanted to make something different than the usual fried or baked. This recipe sounded interesting so I thought I'd give it a try. I"m so glad I did. It was like eating restaurant food. <br/><br/>I served it with mashed potatoes (got that from another reviewer) and steamed snap peas. I used 1.5 times the amount of wine so that we would have extra sauce. We used the sauce on the potatoes. This was really good. I'm going to put this one in my special recipe file. Thank you so much.
  3. DogBitez
    Great recipe!... but found I needed to reduce the wine after baking. Fortunately, I had baked the fish in a broiler/oven/stovetop safe pan and was able to just put the skillet on the stove for a few minutes on high to reduce the wine to nearly nothing. Perhaps the recipe imagines that we'll remove the fish fillets from the pan before broiling, but in my case I was not going to... consequently I didn't want that much liquid leftover before adding the mayo topping. Next time I'll try baking without covering and see how that goes.<br/><br/>The only change I made to the topping was that I substituted Sriracha sauce for the Tabasco. I'm not a fan of the vinegar taste of Tabasco and Sriracha is commonly used with mayo to make Dynamite sauce for sushi. So it's a natural combo. I served it over brown rice and there was plenty of buttery sauce leftover in the pan after broiling to spoon over the fish and rice.<br/><br/>This was absolutely delicious. A great recipe to turn a nice healthy catfish fillet into something smothered in mayo and butter. How can you go wrong with that? Hubby and I were om-nom-nom over this and I'll be cooking this a lot in the future. Thanks for the fantastic recipe. :)
  4. StrikingEyes00
    This was a very good and my husband and I definitely enjoyed it. We felt that there was just a bit too much sauce for our 4 fillets. I did enjoy the sauce on top of my baked potatoe, but there was still too much on the fish. I'll definitely make this again, but will cut the mayo and butter in half. Thanks for sharing this recipe!
  5. jdrichardson
    Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm GOOD STUFF! What a wonderful recipe! I made this the other night after looking over several recipes in an attempt to find a different twist for one of our favorite fish... Catfish. What a pleasant surprise. My wife especially enjoyed it. She said it was one of, if not the best variations to catfish that I had come across. The combination of butter and mayonnaise makes for a very rich yet light touch.... I followed the recipe as written and it now resides in my seafood cookbook and will be sharing it with other family members. Thank you for a great recipe. OUTSTANDING!
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