Carol's Cheesy Rolls

READY IN: 2hrs 30mins
YIELD: 25 rolls




  • Add Yeast to ½ Cup of Warm Water. (Just slightly warm to the touch) By the time you finish doing the milk, you should see the yeast reacting (bubbling).
  • Scald 1 Cup Milk in small pan - “Scalding” means to make it bubble but not boil -- you should hear a crackling noise.
  • Add ¼ of Shortening to scalded milk. This will help cool the milk down.
  • Add ½ Cup of Sugar and Salt to the mix.
  • Beat 2 Eggs and add 3 Cups Flour in a big bowl - some like to do this on a flat surface.
  • Add add all of the ingredients together and mix until smooth.
  • It will probably take close to 5 cups of Flour to firm up.
  • Place in bowl,cover, and let rise in warm location. It should roughly double in size. 1 hour or two.I’m still trying to find a way to keep the dough from sticking to the cloth. I tried wax paper but as it heated up, the wax would melt and stick to the dough.
  • Roll out on board into a 5-6” high rectangle. I had a limited space space to work on. I cut the dough into a nice rectangle shape and combined the leftovers into the bowl for the next rectangle.
  • Butter all but the top 1” area of the rolled out dough.
  • Add Cheese Squares - Usually 2 ½ squares will cover it.
  • Roll this up and squeeze off roll - cut into ¾ inch sections. I’m not sure which way is better but I tried cutting while the rolls are flat and then rolling them up individually as well as cutting them after they have all been rolled up. For freezing them, rolling them first works best. You may want to try cutting them before freezing and wrapping. That way you can lay them out individually on a pan to thaw.
  • You can wrap this up and place in the freezer - Wax paper works OK if you get it right into the freezer. It will stick if you leave it out too long.
  • Place rolls in a high pan 2 ½ - 3” pan. Covered pans work great - (wet cloth) if you don’t have cover. Let rise in warm place. A high pan is good because rolls will rise without getting stuck to the wet cloth/cover - double in size.
  • Pre-heat oven to 350.
  • Beat 2 Eggs and brush onto rolls before putting them into oven- Make sure you pull on the brush to get rid of any loose hairs.
  • Place in Oven for 16 minutes. It will need to be kept in longer but you need to watch them CAREFULLY! The bottoms will burn first.