Carbless-Low Calorie Turkey Lettuce Wraps

"I'm not a huge participant in the low-no carb dieting. However, I am always concerned with my calorie intake. I find the easiest way to cut calories, is to cut out unneccessary carbs. One day, I decided to throw out the tortilla and try wrapping my meal in a lettuce leaf. You get the great taste and nutrition of a regular turkey sandwich or wrap, without the extra 200+ calories or added carbs. It's fast, easy, health and tasty!"
photo by Bergy photo by Bergy
photo by Bergy
photo by Bergy photo by Bergy
photo by The 20 pound strugg photo by The 20 pound strugg
Ready In:
1 wrap




  • Lay the lettuce leaf flat.
  • place turkey slices on first.
  • add red onions.
  • evenly distrbute mayo and mustard.
  • lay tomatoes on top.
  • season with salt and pepper, to taste.
  • tightly roll up the lettuce leaf.

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  1. Jan Marie
    I used to eat these when I was dieting and they became a lifestyle with me. I use romain lettuce because it makes a nice fold to hold the meat. My favorite is Ocsar Myer oven roasted turkey. I sometimes sprinkle some sunflower seeds or other salad toppings to give a little crunch. I make up 6 at a time , cut in half, and place in a zip lock container in the fridge, and snack off them all day.
  2. Riboflavin
    I eat a variation of this all the time- I mash up kidney beans, add chopped onions and coarse black pepper, and top it with spicy mustard in the lettuce wrap. Delish!
  3. Bergy
    What a tasty lil recipe - I did sub pork roast for the turkey - I had to use it up and it was delicious - Love lettuce wraps love this recipe
  4. The 20 pound strugg
    I love this recipe, but I leave out the mayonnaise and the onion. Dijon mustard works well all by itself. Sometimes I add a slice of low-fat ham. Yum! Makes a great snack that satisfies.
  5. kikyo7734
    this recipe has got to be my favorite lunch time meal! I used a tsp of dijonnaise instead of mayo and it gave the wrap a really good kick. This recipe is healthy, quick and absolutely delicious~! BUT i don't really find it to be all that filling. I have 2 and even after that I'm still a little hungry, so i'll usually hold my self over with an apple (or other kind of fruit)


  1. Charishma_Ramchanda
    I made this for my friend who lives next door this afternoon using chicken breast instead of the turkey. She loved it and gives it an A+.(She's a personal fitness trainer). Thank you for posting! I think this is really GREAT!


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