Caramelized Banana With Honey, Mascarpone and Mint

"A warm banana desert, with a creamy sweet minty sauce that requires only four ingredients. Banana needs to be under-ripe and please do not substitute the ingredients this will dramatically change the flavour and outcome of the recipe. Little Miss (DD) who is lactose intolerant and shouldn't be eating this desert was trying to lick the bowl clean. Original recipe comes from Better Home & Garden Magazine - November 2005 issue"
photo by Chef floWer photo by Chef floWer
photo by Chef floWer
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  • Remove skin off a under-ripe banana.
  • Heat up honey in a non-stick pan, add banana and cook for 1 minute.
  • Add mascarpone and cook for 30 seconds.
  • Lift out the banana and add to serving dish, add mint to the sauce, stir and pour it over the banana.

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  1. Elmotoo
    I'm withholding stars because nobody liked this. :( BOOHOO. I was so looking forward to this dessert, too. I blame the bananas - they were TOO green - very starchy & unappealing. Cooking didn't help them. I'm going to make this again in a few days when the bananas are riper. I'll be back......made for the 2/08 Aussie Swap. ETA: I remade this with bananas that were a bit overripe,lol. Delicious & very sweet. The mascarpone makes a nice sauce & the mint adds a lovely flavor. The kids weren't thrilled with this dish, though.
  2. little_wing
    I hate to be another one to just leave comments, but I got confused and my mistakes are probably why this didn't work for us. The recipe is so simple, I didn't print or write it down so I sort of missed that the directions are for four servings, while the ingredients were for only one. I needed to triple the recipe for 3 servings, but because I just skimmed through the directions, I actually made sauce for 12 servings. No wonder it was so rich! We were thinking maybe it should be used as a topping for something else (ice cream, cake, waffles, ect) but when I came back to review and read through the recipe again, I realize where I went wrong. I will probably try this again, because it is an interesting dessert. I will do a few things different: 1. I will make the correct proportions! 2. Make sure to use straight-ish bananas. Mine were quite curved which made it hard to split nicely. 3. I will bring the mascarpone to room temperature before beginning the recipe. The cheese was cold and took a bit of time to break down into the rest of the sauce (probably wouldn't have been an issue if I hadn't been making enough sauce for a large dinner party!) so I think my bananas got overcooked a bit and I ended up having to break them into pieces. Incidentally, after tasting the recipe and realizing the flavors were a bit overpowering, I added about 2-3 tbs of amaretto and it was quite nice. I might try that next time as well. Sorry, I couldn't give a proper review, but I did enjoy this little experiment and appreciate your sharing it!


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