Caramel Pecan Bonbons

READY IN: 50mins
YIELD: 40 bonbons




  • Chop 3/4 of the pecans and toast in a 400 degree F oven for 6 minutes. Line a 9x9 tray in parchment paper. Place a layer of store-bought waffle cookies on the bottom and sprinkle toasted pecans over this evenly.
  • In a heavy large pot combine everything except the vanilla, stir. Bring to a boil and continue to cook stirring occasionally. Using a candy thermometer, remove from heat when the thermometer registers 330 degrees F. Quickly add vanilla, stir and pour over pecans and cookies in your prepared tray.
  • Allow to cool and set (about an hour and a half) before cutting into desired shapes.
  • Melt chocolate and dip each piece, coating only the bottom and sides, leaving the top exposed. Adorn each piece with a whole toasted pecan, using a dap of chocolate as 'glue.'.