Canned Meatballs

Recipe by Wilmom
READY IN: 2hrs 30mins




  • Mix all ingredients, to combine well.
  • Form into balls, packing ingredients together tightly.
  • Hand-wash jars and jar lids and bands, then run them through dishwasher cycle to sterilize.
  • Place meatballs in quart-sized canning jars that have been cleaned and sterilized. (Pack only to within 1" of top of jar.).
  • Wipe rim of jar to remove grease or food bits.
  • Place lid on jar. Screw on band.
  • Place filled jars in pressure canner.
  • Add water to canner, to about 2" deep.
  • Place lid on canner and make sure lid is securely fastened.
  • Open petcock.
  • Turn on Medium-high heat.
  • When steam is rapidly escaping through petcock, close petcock. Pressure will start to rise at this point.
  • When pressure reaches 10 lb., start lowering heat, till the needle on the pressure gauge stabliizes at 10 lb.
  • Start timing: 90 minutes for quarts; 70 minutes for pints.
  • When timing is done, turn off heat, and leave the canner alone till pressure reaches zero.
  • Open petcock to release any remaining steam.
  • Remove lid.
  • Remove jars, and set in a draft-free place to cool.
  • When cool, remove bands, wipe down jars with a clean, damp-warm cloth.
  • Label and place in pantry.
  • TO USE: Remove lid, and Set jar in pan of hot water, to melt the grease, before removing meatballs, one at a time, with an iced-tea spoon; or place in microwave just long enough to melt the grease, then remove one at a time, using an iced tea spoon.
  • NOTE: canned meatballs will always have a red center. They ARE cooked through, and you don't have to worry about the color. Now, they're ready to use in your favorite meatball recipe! ALSO, this recipe may make less or more than 7 quart jars full.