Candied Root Vegetables

READY IN: 20mins




  • Wash the sweet potato and burdock root well then wipe with paper towel to dry.
  • Slice the root vegetables into strips. There is no need to peel the sweet potato and burdock root.
  • Coat the sweet potato and burdock root with flour. You can slightly tap the root vegetables after coating to remove excess flour as you only need a thin layer of flour coating.
  • Pour oil in a deep frying pan then heat until it reaches deep frying temperature, about 160°C.
  • Carefully drop the root vegetables in the hot oil then deep fry. Remove the root vegetable sticks once it turns brownish in color. This would take about 3 minutes.
  • Heat a pan using medium heat then add sugar, sesame oil and sesame seeds. Mix the ingredients well then add the deep fried root vegetables.
  • Once the sugar melts lower the heat and continue mixing until the root vegetables are evenly coated.
  • Remove from pan then add some more sesame seeds on top before serving.