Cambodian French Bread With Beef (Num Pang Ang Chia Mui Sach Ko)

"A spicy beef mixture baked on top of crusty french bread - like an open faced meatloaf sandwich. from for ZWT9"
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photo by loof751
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  • Preheat oven to 350* F.
  • Spread a thin layer of hoisin sauce on top of each slice of bread, and place on a greased baking sheet.
  • In a large bowl, mix the ground beef, eggs, and remaining ingredients together until well blended.
  • Spread the meat mixture on the prepared bread slices and bake for 20 minutes until meat reaches 160* F and is golden brown.
  • Serve hot.

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  1. loof751
    Wow this was just terrific! As other reviewers did I added some hoisin sauce to the meat as well as spreading it on the bread. I cooked mine for an additional 10 minutes to ensure that the meat was cooked to our liking. I was pleased that the bread didn't get soggy or overly crispy. I think you could do this same cooking method with other flavor profiles too (maybe salsa with southwestern spices, or tomato sauce with Italian seasonings). Thanks for sharing your recipe! Made for the Best of 2013 event, recommended by Debbie R.
  2. Member 610488
    This is a Cambodian Hamburger!! Not that I think its a bad thing. Actually it turned out to be a great meal and one that was very filling. I agree with the previous recipes in that you can't have enough hoisin sauce. I also cooked everything a bit longer since I don't care for undercooked meat (I'm a cook it until it's burnt kind of chef). Easy to make and something I think everyone would enjoy!
  3. twissis
    Made for a fellow Goddess of ZWT-9 ~ While we enjoyed this a lot, I did do a fair amt of tweaking to get an optimum result (for us). :-) I made my own Hoisin sauce using Recipe #312992 by Alskann, was generous spreading it on the individual baguette rolls I used & my yield was 8 of the sml baguette rolls for a full recipe. I found the meat mixture a bit bland & feel it would benefit from the addition of more hoisin sauce. The meat rolls also looked a bit ordinary & not quite done at the end of the cook time, so I used my pastry brush to spread hoisin over the surface & cooked them about 10-12 min longer. All that said, they were an easy-fix, well-flavored by the extra hoisin sauce & fully-cooked. Thx for sharing this recipe w/us.
  4. Debbie R.
    Very fast and easy meal; DH loved it. I thought it would be a touch better without the sugar in the meat; however, as my sister pointed out, some hoisin's are sweeter than others, and you might need to sugar with a less-sweet hoisin. As for amount, I doubled the meat portion. I used 3/4 of it for the recipe. The other 1/4 is saved for a burger tomorrow. If you're making this for only two people, you might want to use only 1/2 of your french bread and the meat mixture because it makes quite a bit. (Of course, if you stay with the original amount, it might be just right for two people. I wanted a higher ratio of meat to bread.) Also, don't spread the hoisin TOO thin all over. It was delicious to bite into a pocket of slightly more hoisin. Overall, just a great recipe. ZWT9



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