Buttermilk Bread for the bread machine

"Moist tasty bread. Easy to prepare. Can also be baked in a 350 degree oven for 45 minutes.If just placed on dough cycle."
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Ready In:
4hrs 10mins
2 pound loaf




  • Place ingredients in bread machine,as listed above.
  • Select basic bread machine cycle and start machine.

Questions & Replies

  1. I have some buttermilk from when I made some butter. Is it ok to use for this recipe? It’s not thick like the buttermilk you buy in the store. Thanks
  2. It doesn't say if I should select 1.5 or 2 lb. loaf?
  3. We are just beginning to use our bread machine with success. How do you know if the recipe calls for yeast if you should use the rapid rise or regular? How does it effect the bread baking Thanks!


  1. I was looking for recipes to use my extra buttermilk and found this one-and I'm so glad I did! I followed recipe exactly for one loaf and for the second loaf I used 1 cup whole wheat flour plus 2 cups bread flour and I added minced garlic and black pepper. Both loaves were wonderful and the buttermilk really adds some zip-great for sandwiches! Thank you for a wonderful recipe!!! Update: leftovers also make great croutons-toss bread cubes w/ evoo, sprinkle w/ seasoned salt and bake at 350F for 30 minutes-delicious!!!
  2. It is a wonderful recepie. Rich taste and texture. BUT, for my Cuisinart CBK200 bread machine 2 lb setting with medium crast proved to be too much. Slightly overbooked and burned crast. I don't know if this is in general or only for this machine in particular, but 1.5 lb loaf setting with light crast is perfect!!! Also just made it with 2 cups of white bread flower 1 cup Whole Wheat flower, used whole wheat setting, 1.5 loaf size and light crast - It is officially my favourite and best bread to date. Try it! 4 stars only because of the loaf size confusion.
  3. Very nice bread! The crust was a little chewy(in a good way!)and the middle was soft and fluffy. This bread makes for some wonderful sandwiches! I set the bread machine on 'light crust' and it came out perfect. Thank you!!
  4. Wow. I didn't have high hopes when I made this recipe. I haven't used my bread maker in years, and I thought that my first loaf would probably end up being croutons and bread crumbs. Boy was I wrong!!! Made exactly as recipe reads, rubbed with butter when I pulled bread out of pan.. Amazing!!! So soft. I had to hold back some of the loaf from my daughter and hubby for sandwiches tomorrow. Oh yeah, egg salad sandwiches tomorrow.... it's THAT soft. Delish! Thank you for the awesome recipe. I'm heading to the store for more yeast and buttermilk tomorrow!
  5. I had one amazing recipe for buttermilk bread until I got a new breadmaker that just was not compatible for some reason. Since then this must be the 20th recipe I have tried for my new breville. My husband and kids loved it so much I couldnt even get a picture in to post before it was gone. I put it on dark and it came out moist, soft inside and crusty outside. A definite must try recipe


  1. I used Friendship light buttermilk, canola oil instead of butter, and 2 cups AP flour and 1 cup wheat flour as I'm trying to cut back on using white flour. I did the Basic Medium 2-lb cycle on my bread machine, it came out with a nice sandwich bread crust on top, firmer crust on the sides and bottom, and wonderfully fluffy inside. I enjoyed it with some lemon curd fresh out of the bread machine. Will definitely make again.
  2. From someone else choose bread machine 1 1/2 lb. Loaf, light crust, whole wheat setting, use 1 cup whole wheat with 2 cups white flour, was so fluffy, delicious!!


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