Buck's Beef Kabob Marinade

"This is the marinade my father "Buck" used for years to make beef kabobs. I think it's from some barbecue book from the 50's. It was our family favorite for birthday dinners and family gatherings. All 5 of us kids now use this recipe with our own families. The longer you marinade the beef in it (in the fridge of course), the stronger the flavor will be. I like it mild, so I make mine in the morning and marinade the beef until dinner time. Some family members do marinade for 24 hours for a stronger flavor. Be sure to use the light soy sauce instead of regular to prevent this from being too salty. Note: You may need a package of long bamboo skewers for the recipe."
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photo by Marsha D. photo by Marsha D.
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  • Place some bamboo skewers in water one hour before to soak.
  • Combine marinade ingredients in a large jar and shake.
  • Place cubed meat in a large bowl.
  • Pour marinade over meat and cover with plastic wrap. Place in refrigerator for 6 to 8 hours.
  • To prepare for grilling: Light the grill. Get out one jelly-roll pan (cookie sheet). Cut vegetables into chunk-size pieces and place aside.
  • Remove meat from the refrigerator. Begin to alternate meat chunks and vegetables on the soaked bamboo skewers and place on the jelly roll pan.
  • When all the meat and veggies are skewered, place on the hot grill and cook to the donness you prefer.

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  1. We LOVED it! Great flavor-bonus points because the beef flavor still shined through. Easy to put together-turned a thick chuck steak into tender kabobs! Thanks for Posting!!!
  2. 5 Stars because my kids(11 and under) liked it! Kind of tart, non sweet, but lots of flavor. I chunked up roast beef for kabobs. Could have marinated longer (did 4 hours) but eventhen made the meat tender, and didn't over cook. The recipe didnt specify, and I didnt have red wine vinegar, but used white. Red would probably give it a bigger punch! Will try it that way next time. Also, didnt have light soy so used 1/2 cup regular with 1/4 cup water. and lightly sprinkled the meat with salt.
  3. A wonderful marinade. Gives a lot of savoury flavour without any of the ingredients "standing out", so to speak, so it's not citrussy or soy saucy or mustardy - just tasty and good! Like Chef #1275365, I used 1/2 cup regular soy sauce and 1/4 cup water as I didn't have light soy sauce, and omitted the salt as I only had 2 lbs of meat; I figured I could always add salt on the finished product, but it didn't need any really! Thank you for sharing!
  4. Yum. This was a great marinade. I added some red onion and some red and yellow peppers as well. Simple and tasty. Thanks for a nice keeper. Made for Cookbook Tag.
  5. This is an exceptional recipe. Very savory but not overpowering or too salty. A real crowd pleaser. This marinade works great on beef in general, such as on round or chuck steaks. We have even used it for fajitas, just adding some chili powder and cumin while the beef is sauteing. I did use red wine vinegar, not white, although I suppose either would work. If you marinade for a full 12 hours or more, the vinegar really tenderizes the meat. A few other ideas- if you don't have light soy sauce, just use less to reduce the saltiness. Also, if you don't have dried parsley, you could use just about any dried herb you like. We have made it with basil, which worked well.



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