B's Sweet Corn Bread

"This will be a great hit with the kids and all of your friends. It is so good that you can serve it as a desert. But it is at it's best with spicy foods such as Jambalaya."
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  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
  • Spray 9 inch round cake pan.
  • in a large bowl, combine flour, cornmeal, sugar, salt and baking powder. Stir in egg, milk and oil until well combined.
  • pour batter into prepared pan.
  • Bake for 25 minutes.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Alan R.
    How much do I have to increase the recipe for a 12.5" skillet


  1. Fisherman Scot
    Great recipe, perfect for muffins also, though grease the muffin tray with butter for best results.<br/><br/>My variation on this recipe is to use a cast iron skillet. Follow the recipe as above, but use a preheated 10 inch cast iron skillet, drop a heavy pat of butter, spread around as it's sizzling, then pour the corn bread batter into it so that the still melting butter makes a ring around the edge after filling the skillet. Then bake as directed, though I usually leave it in for a little longer eyeballing it to get that nice extra sweet golden top and crust.
  2. COMountainGirl
    Delicious recipe that is very easy to make. Very sweet and moist. Highly recommend!
    • Review photo by COMountainGirl
  3. LauraMac
    Very easy and full of flavor! A great sideline to the spicy lentil & cabbage dish I served. Thank you for sharing such a great recipe!
  4. VegSocialWorker
    Just what I was looking for- a sweet and simple corn bread recipe to go with a spicy veg chili on a cold fall night. Thanks!
  5. Anonymous
    This is delicious! Also very easy. Thank you!


  1. palm715
    Wow, that was easy! I used my cast iron skillet and melted butter instead of oil. So tasty!


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