Brulot Charentais - Angel's Flames - French Flambé Coffee

Recipe by French Tart
READY IN: 4mins


  • 1
    cup cold brewed coffee
  • 1 12
    fluid ounces cognac (Brulot Cognac -high alcohol 58%)
  • 2 -3
    lumps of sugar


  • You need HEAT RESISTANT earthenware cups, saucers, and a heatproof coaster. You need 4 cls of cognac, but the Zaar recipe editor would not allow me to post that - which is about a 1 jigger measure.
  • Place the cup in the saucer (it is preferable to put the saucer on a plate or tray).
  • Fill the coffee cup with cold coffee, up to two centimetres below the top of the cup, then slowly pour 1 cl of the Cognac onto the coffee (best to use the back of a tea/coffee spoon, so it floats and can catch light).
  • Pour the remaining 3 cls of Cognac into the saucer, then place 2 – 3 sugar cubes in the cognac.
  • Light the sugar cubes with a match; the Cognac will slowly ignite, heating the coffee and combining with the sugar to form a Cognac liqueur. (It is important to let the Cognac burn and extinguish naturally; if not, too much alcohol will remain in the mixture, and the special 'alchemy' between the coffee and the Cognac will be lost.).
  • When the flame has extinguished, wait for a little while for the handle to cool down, place the cup on the coaster. Empty all or part of the contents of the saucer into the cup (depending on personal taste and sweetness required).
  • Your Brulot Charentais is now ready to drink. Salut!