Boudin Grilled Cheese Sandwich

READY IN: 9mins
YIELD: 1 sandwich




  • Take one link of boudin sausage and peel the skin off. Cut it into about 1 inch pieces and put in bowl or other vessel.
  • Microwave for about 1 1/2 minute.
  • Heat skillet on low medium, I use non stick skillet.
  • Butter one side of piece of bread lay in heated skillet buttered side down, top it with boudin link you heated in microwave.Take the inch pieces one at a time and place on the piece of bread in skillet ,press Boudin around with a fork until it fits on the piece of bread. Be careful to keep the boudin in the center working outwards not falling off the edge.
  • Top boudin with a slice of kraft cheese.If you really like it cheesy use 2 but one is just right for me.
  • Then add the other piece of bread that you have buttered, put the buttered side top up, just like making a grilled cheese sandwich.
  • Keep flipping with spatula until desired brown color is reached. I smash it down a little with patula each time I flip.
  • Cut in half and serve.