Boiled Pig Feet

Recipe by BabeWhoCooks
READY IN: 4hrs 20mins




  • I never measure My ingredients when I make this dish. I always season to taste and I suggest you do the same. I am very heavy on seasoning. I like My foods to be full of flavor.
  • Wash the pig feet in the pot that you are going to cook them inches.
  • Add vinegar to the pot. Making sure the feet get a good coating. Massage the vinegar into the meat.
  • Add the other ingredients instead of the bay leaves.
  • massage the ingredients into the meat and vinegar.
  • Stick your finger into the mix to taste the seasoning. If it needs more or whatever ingredient add it and continue the massage.
  • Add water to the pot and the bay leaves. Stir the feet around in the pot. Taste the seasoned water. If it needs more seasoning add more. Continue to add seasoning and vinegar to the water as it boils if you think it needs more flavoring. Cook on low fire for 4 hours or until it is tender. Cook it according to how you like to eat them.