Bloody Mary

"This is one of my new adopted recipes. I have added some of the things I love in a Bloody Mary. Enjoy!!"
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  • Rub lemon or lime around rim of glass and then put the rim in margarita salt or Tony Chachers, if desired.
  • Add ice to glass.
  • Mix Vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, salt, Pepper, celery salt and horseradish (if using) and pour in glass.
  • Garnish with lemon or lime wedge, celery stalk, green onion or pickled green bean.

Questions & Replies

  1. Do you really juice a whole lemon for one drink??
  2. I have some grapefruit flavor vodka with jalapeno do you think it will work in the bloody Mary drink?


  1. In the age old debate of mimosa vs. bloody mary, I'd have to say that I cannot and will not pick one. Because what difference does it make? They're both awesome, they're both classics, and they both are typically consumed in the morning. I'm about that life. But, this recipe is awesome, and I like some of the suggestions that other users have added.
  2. My DH uncharacteristically requested a bloody mary tonight so I quick looked it up on 'zaar and settled on this recipe cause it includes horseradish, which he loves. Well, he loved the drink I made him, even though I was completely out of horseradish! I love all the lemon juice. Can't wait to make it again -- with the horseradish. Thanks!
  3. This is the first Bloody Mary I've ever had and this was really good. I did use V8 juice and I added a bit more juice after tasting and I used about 1/2 tsp horseradish (I'm not a big fan of it). I must say this went down way to fast so I think I will have to make another one. Thanks for the recipe.
  4. I mixed all the ingredients together (except vodka, lemon, and juice) plus I added a little dijon, olive juice, and a fresh minced garlic. Then let it sit in the fridge overnight.
  5. Well, this sure made my boring, stuck in the house on a snowy day much more exciting! I didn't have horseradish so I added a large pinch of wasabi powder, which gave it a nice Japanesey kick. Thanks for a nice recipe Riffraff :)


  1. Great recipe. I fill a pint glass halfway with crushed ice and double all ingredients. Also put ice in the shaker when you mix it. I prefer Louisiana hot sauce and Bookbinder's horseradish. When possible, use fresh squeezed lemons, but a tablespoon of concentrated lemon juice works as substitute per lemon. Then we use lime wedge to wet the glass rim and it goes into the drink after. I also love using smoked salt instead of regular table salt. Our favorite garnishes are pickled asparagus and bleu cheese stuffed olive.


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