Black Truffled Fettuccini Alfredo

"Decadent main course or elegant appetizer for gourmet Italian or a steak night. If you really want to indulge, go for white truffles! Use white pepper for a cleaner presentation-especially if using white truffles. Economic variation using truffle oil (try any or all of the following options): Drain the pasta and coat with truffle oil before adding the sauce; saute chicken or another additional ingredient in truffle oil; and/or substitute butter with truffle oil. Slicing truffles: the thickness of the truffles greatly alters the flavour of the recipe. The average crowd pleaser is just thicker than paper thin. If paper thin, this will add a very delicate flavour (which you might find favourable if you're serving as an appetizer or side dish), so adjust spices according. Thicker shavings will have a very robust flavouring which is good for a main course or if you are adding any meats to the dish (try prosciutto, roasted chicken, or lobster), however you may want to limit the salt content to avoid making the flavour too savory. Serving a truffle dish: some foodies prefer to hold the truffles until service. Shave truffles as you serve each dish. In this case, shave the truffles very thinly. If using this method, you may want to add some truffle oil to the dish itself to ensure that the entirety of the dish is at least aromatic for those bites that may not catch a truffle shaving. Rescue: if the dish turns out with the flavour too heavy or too savoury, try adding a dash of like a charm for me! (Experiment with a small separated portion first to make sure this is an effective cure.) Or toss in a small handful of pulled chicken pieces. May also be served cold."
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  • Over medium heat, warm the cream and 7 tablespoons of the butter.
  • Meanwhile, slice truffles thinly.
  • Sautée with remaining one-tablespoon butter over medium heat until aromatic and lightly browned.
  • Bring cream to a simmer, stir in cheese until melted and sauce is smooth.
  • Season with salt and pepper.
  • Finally, toss with pasta and serve.

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<p>I am university student and quasi-housewife to my workaholic significant other, who is a phenomenal cook and serious foodie as well.&nbsp; We enjoy undertaking complicated cooking projects to help wind down after a long day...most days we don't get to eat until close to midnight, thanks to his work schedule, our gym time, and our cooking projects.&nbsp;</p> <p>Our current food interests have been on curries, steak, shellfish, and healthy desserts.&nbsp; The ethnic theme has mostly been Indian and Creole. We like incorporating a lot of spice and experimenting with rare or exotic ingredients.</p> <p>But we enjoy our wine (we keep a journal) and time together as we cook.&nbsp; When time allows, we will enjoy a nice after-dinner drink (tailored to our dessert choice of course), usually a spicy sipping rum like Zaya or Zacapa or a glass of cognac or tawny port.&nbsp; So we enjoy experimenting with desserts to suit or incorporate various spirits or dessert wines.&nbsp; And trying to find some healthy options so we can enjoy our wine or *****tail with a little less guilt!&nbsp;</p> <p>But we do love to indulge!&nbsp; And love entertaining family and friends to sample new creations or enjoy some our famous concontions.&nbsp;</p> <p>Currently, I am experimenting with creating a recipe list that incorporates the philosophy of the best facets of different diet plans while maximizing the benefits of combining the nutritional content of the foods with the health benefits of various spices in order to create nutritionally balanced meals.&nbsp; Just for fun and some interested friends.&nbsp; I'll create a recipe list when I have made more progress.</p>
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