Birthday Party Chow

"A fun colorful way to celebrate the big day. Great for classroom parties too.You can always change the color or type of sprinkles used to celebrate any holiday or occasion."
Birthday Party Chow created by GinaCucina
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  • 1. Measure the cereal and put in a very large bowl.
  • 2. Over medium heat, melt the butter in a medium sauce pan.
  • 3. Add the corn syrup and water. Stir.
  • 4. Add the sugar. Make sure not to let any sugar stick to the edges of the pan. If one grain of sugar is left undissolved, it can cause the whole batch to crystallize.
  • 5. Bring to a boil and continue to cook until the mixture reaches 245-255 degrees.
  • (Please use a candy thermometer). It is important for the mixture to reach this temperature, if it doesn�t the candy will not harden properly.
  • 6. Add the baking soda and stir quickly as the mixture begins to bubble. Once bubbly and frothy, remove the pan from heat.
  • 7. Add the flavor until mixed.
  • 8. Pour over the cereal. Fold into the cereal until evenly coated.
  • 9.Drizzle melted white chocolate while gently stiring.
  • 9. Add the sprinkles, if you add them too early they will melt.
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  1. aeht206
    I'm so glad I came across this recipe! I made it as a snack for my son's birthday party and the kids really enjoyed it. I plan on making it again soon!
  2. Muffin Goddess
    Very tasty, but I had a bit of difficulty with the white chocolate part. I had put some white chocolate chips in my double boiler to melt while I was making the sugar/butter mixture. Once the sugar/butter mixture had reached temperature, the chocolate hadn't fully melted yet. I added the sugar/butter to the cereal, mixed it in, checked the white chocolate and found that the chips had turned into more of a dough than a liquid (maybe I seized the chocolate?). I discarded the "dough" and moved on to melting some flaked white chocolate from a bar of Callebaut that I had around. The Callebaut melted much better, but by the time it was ready, the cereal mixture had hardened up quite a bit. For better coverage with the white chocolate, I transferred the cereal to a large baking sheet and broke up some of the bigger chunks of cereal before drizzling the white chocolate and adding the sprinkles. By the time I finished mixing everything, it was looking pretty scraggly, but the flavor was lovely. Oh, and I used half vanilla extract and half lemon extract for the flavoring, which made it taste vaguely like Froot Loops. I'd like to try this again using KAF's princess cake flavoring -- maybe it would make this taste more like birthday cake. Thanks for posting! Made for PAC Spring 2012
  3. Muffin Goddess
    Birthday Party Chow Created by Muffin Goddess
  4. GinaCucina
    Birthday Party Chow Created by GinaCucina
  5. GinaCucina
    Birthday Party Chow Created by GinaCucina

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