Beurre De Roquefort (Roquefort Butter)

"This is one of those very handy things to have in your refrigerator or freezer. It keeps for a few weeks in the fridge, a few months in the freezer. When you make it, you can form it into a log, chill it, and then cut it into small pats which you can then wrap and freeze for future inclusion in a sauce, to spread on crostinis, to use with potatoes or green beans, to mix into egg salad or devilled eggs--or just to spread on a baguette and enjoy with a glass of wine."
photo by Mme M photo by Mme M
photo by Mme M
photo by Mme M photo by Mme M
Ready In:
1hr 15mins
2 cups




  • Simmer the shallots in the wine in a small saucepan until the wine is reduced to almost nothing.
  • Cool to room temperature and combine with the remaining ingredients (be careful with salt--the cheese is powerful).
  • Use a food processor, an immersion blender (my method) or your muscles, and combine this well--but don't over-mix or it will become a greasy mess.
  • Turn onto a sheet of plastic wrap; roll into a log and chill.
  • When chilled enough to be slightly firm, shape into a nice cylinder, or what ever shapes you prefer or pack into a decorative mold if you are using as a spread.
  • At this point, either chill or freeze.
  • Note: If you wish to use this to decorate you can, while it is still soft, place in a pastry bag and pipe the cheese butter into whatever shapes or onto whatever dish you wish to garnish.

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  1. KLBoyle
    Yum! I made this and spread it on steaks for dinner, everyone loved it. I can't wait to take your suggestion and have it with some french bread and a nice glass of wine!
  2. Mme M
    Very fine! I added no salt, and used a fresh blend of 5 peppercorns, milled fresh on the roquefort/butter blend in the processor. This is easy to make, delicious and elegant.
  3. little_wing
    This was just fantastic! I made this for ZWT3 and just spread on some thinly sliced french bread. Then I toasted the bread and tried it that way. Then I went through the fridge for leftover veggies I could try it on! It tasted great on just about anything. Thanks for sharing, Chef Kate!
  4. Susie D
    This is a winner for sure. Very nice flavor and I am thrilled to have some left over and in the freezer for future use. Thank you Kate!
  5. twissis
    Flavored butters have been among my most favorite ZWT finds & this did not disappoint. I have made half recipes of several things, but I made a full recipe of this. I esp like that it can be made & stored for a longer period. Roquefort cheese is very popolar here, we love it & I suspect I'll find many ways to use this. Thx for posting.



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