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"I got this recipe from a friend more than 20 years ago and it remains a family favorite espcially on hot summer days. I cook the beef early in the morning. Sometimes even chop all of the ingredients then, too, so all I have to do is throw everything together when it is time for dinner. Teenagers especially love this. That is a bonus! Have yet to find anyone who doesn't love this super easy salad for dinner."
photo by Dine  Dish photo by Dine  Dish
photo by Dine Dish
photo by Dine  Dish photo by Dine  Dish
photo by Dine  Dish photo by Dine  Dish
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  • Brown ground beef, drain grease, adding taco seasoning and following directions on package. Chill.
  • When ground beef is cold, place in a large bowl and add all remaining ingredients.
  • Mix well and serve.

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  1. This is the taco salad that my mom made for me as a kid, right on down to the Kraft Catalina Dressing. I have made so many variations through the years. While a vegetarian, I made it with tofu (Morningstar Veggie Crumbles work, in a pinch). No longer a veggie, I still play with the ingredients. Turkey works well in lieu of the beef, although the beef tastes great. My favorite chips to use are the Touch of Lime Tostitos. Add anything you have extra of: corn, garbonzo beans, zucchini, cabbage, you name it. Your guests will be pleased.
  2. I used the bottled Catalina salad, with which I was not familiar, usually making my own dressings from scratch. I hated it how this Taco Salad turned out. Looking at the ingredients of the bottle, I saw that it was mostly sugar! The basic recipe is good but I ruined the whole thing with that Catalina dressing, making it sickly sweet. The lesson here? Make your own dressing, or failing that, read the ingredients on store-bought products.
  3. If you would prefer an edible salad shell to a bowl, Aztec brand has some usually found in the produce/pre-made salad section of the store. But you can make your own by forming a regular flour tortilla over an oven-safe bowl and baking at 325 until golden and crisp. It might aid the process to spray with a little oil spray both sides before baking, but not really necessary.
  4. Add a cup of corn
  5. This is missing one of my favorite ingredients - fresh avocado. Also, I prefer my salad with fresh salsa and sour cream and no salad dressing.


  1. Just adding info for making your own tortilla bowl.



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