Best Lebanese Garlic Sauce (By Kay)

Recipe by twissis
READY IN: 5mins


  • 3
    cups corn oil (Per Kay, Mazola is a must for this as it rarely works well with other brands, but see my note below)
  • 1
    head garlic (lrg size)
  • 2
    egg whites
  • 1
    teaspoon salt


  • Place ingredients in a blender, blend till smooth & chill for several hrs b4 use to allow the full flavor to develop. Done!
  • *Note From Kay* ~ Some do not add egg whites & they pour the oil in slowly so it thickens. I have no patience for that. When I have tried it that way, I could never get my garlic sauce thick. Adding the egg whites is technically cheating, but it works every time. (Kay also said more garlic can be used to suit taste pref.).
  • *Note From Me* ~ Altho unable to find Mazola corn oil here, I can happily report that I have now made a half recipe of this sauce using my immersion blender in a wide-mouth glass jar w/a lid so it could be capped, chilled & stored. I used the *Euro Shopper* brand corn oil, Kay's recipe (including the egg whites) + the thin stream addition of the oil method w/excellent results ~ a richly garlic-flavored & thick sauce. I did add some seasoning salt to better match the Icelandic garlic sauce that is sold commercially & very popular to serve w/lamb (& other meats).
  • *Note Re Serving Suggestions* ~ Serve chilled or at rm temp: 1) With grilled, marinated or roasted meats (including chicken, kebabs, etc.), 2) With oven-roasted or baked potatoes or 3) As a dip for garlic-lovers, but I would prob opt to add texture for this option w/some bell pepper, red onion or others you might choose. :-).