Bengal Shrimps

Recipe by Zurie
READY IN: 30mins




  • If the prawns are not cleaned, peel and devein them, and rinse in a colander. It's better to buy a little more than specified above! Prawns/shrimps shrink a lot in cooking. (Do not buy cooked prawns as they will simply overcook).
  • If using fresh tomatoes, peel and chop them, and peel and chop the onion.
  • Heat a generous film of oil in a large pot. When hot, add the onion, stir, and let soften over fairly high heat.
  • Bash your choice of whole spices in a mortar and pestle -- just to crush them coarsely. When onion has fried about 5 minutes, add the curry powder and the tablespoon bashed whole spices.
  • Stir well, let spices fry -- not burn! -- for about two minutes, to bring out their flavours. Stir a few times.
  • Add the tomatoes and sugar to the pot, and let them sauté with the spices and onion for about a minute, stirring a couple of times.
  • Add the raw prawns all at once, over fairly high heat; stir through very well but gently, so all the prawns pick up some of the spices and tomato.
  • Add the coconut cream, and then the fish and oyster sauce.
  • Stir to mix, gently, then bring to a boil. Cook for about 3 - 5 minutes, depending on size of the prawns. Do not overcook. When the prawns turn pink and curl up, they are done. Add the lemon/lime zest and lemon/lime juice; stir again.
  • Taste the sauce off the heat: it might need salt. If the taste is very mild, you could add a few drops chilli pepper sauce.
  • Serve with rice and a mixed green salad, or serve in bowls with a Continental-type bread.