Comfort Food Beef Stew

"This is one of our winter favorites!!"
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  • Place beef and flour in a plastic baggie, Shake.
  • Pour oil into a large dutch oven, heat.
  • Add beef cook until brown, stirring occasionally.
  • Add water and next 4 ingredients.
  • Bring to a boil.
  • Cover.
  • Reduce heat and simmer 2 hours or until beef is tender.
  • Discard bay leaves.
  • Cut carrots, celery, potatoes, onion, and bell pepper, add to stew.
  • Cover and simmer 30 minutes, or until tender.
  • Combine water and flour, stirring well.
  • Pour into stew.
  • Boil, stirring constantly till thick and bubbly.

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  1. Rickey Crandall
    This was an excellant recipe. My son made it by himself he sauted garlicin the beginning and added tomatoes & bell pepper towards the end. Yummy.
  2. Ann Carreon
    Excellent Recipe!! I want to thank you for this recipe, I cook every day for my family and this Beef Stew is so easy to make and not only that but, it taste so good! We all enjoyed this and the texture of this beef stew is perfect. Thanks again and keep it coming. Just love it! The Carreon's Family*****
  3. John Sanderbeck
    One of the best stews I've eaten in a long time... Varied the recipe a little by using Beef Stock instead of water (towards the end I added more water anyway), increased the Worcestershire sauce to 4 Tbsp, and put the Peppers and Onions in a food processor first. Also increased the #'s of Potato's and Carrots for my kids. And this cooked for 5 hours in a roaster at 350 degrees (didn't have a dutch oven...).
  4. teeje
    This was wonderful ! So easy to make ! I had to make it for a heap of people, so I added a couple of things off a whim. I tin of tomato puree...2 more tbsps of worcestershire sauce, 4 tbsps more of flour. 2 cups more of water. 2 tbsps of pesto...a few italian herbs and a bit more pepper and salt. It's a very versatile stew....take or add...... will be in my favourite recipe file it SUGARDOLL !!!!! THANKS !!!!!
  5. Parrot Head Mama
    ps.--forgot to mention I did this in the crockpot (browned the meat in a skillet beforehand) and instead of the flour/water technique, i just threw about 3/4 c. instant mashed potatoes in to thicken the gravy.


  1. karen4205
    I know this was a good recipe when my husband said "that was great!". I used all the ingredients stated except I switched the green pepper for peas. I added the carrots, celery and onions after only 1 hour instead of 2. The last half hour I added the potatoes because they really don't need an hour. Peas were added in the last two minutes of cooking. I also did not do the flour/water mixture to thicken because I thought it was just perfect without it. Excellent ... will be making this again! One of the best beef stew recipes I've ever made!
  2. Derf2440
    This is great beef stew! Just made half a recipe only had 1 lb of stew beef. I used cornstarch instead of the flour, beef broth instead of the water and added Old Bay seasoning to the other seasonings. i had no bell peppers in but i did have some parsnips which I added with some diced tomato. Ended up with a lovely flavourful stew that we had been longing to have. The whole hose was filled with a very inviting arouma while it cooked, lovely tender beef too! Thanks for posting, I will make this again, next time with the bell peppers.
  3. AnnetteM
    This was overall a really good stew. I did make a few changes. I seasoned the flour the beef was dipped into with salt, pepper, and Badia complete seasoning. I also only used one green pepper, because once I chopped it one seemed like enough for us. It added a good flavor to the stew without being overwhelming. Finally, I used beef broth instead of water and added salt and parsley to the stew at the end. In the end it was very delicious and comforting. The meat was so tender and the house was filled with an incredibly aroma! The next day when I heated up the leftovers I added some diced tomatoes and cooked penne pasta as well, and it was delcious and I will probably add them to the stew next time I make it. This is a really good base recipe and you can defiently customize it a bit to suit your family's taste and make it your own. I will make it again. Thanks!
  4. Hey Jude
    I chose this recipe for dinner tonight as I had everything included on hand. I did substitute green peas for the green pepper (I never heard of green pepper in beef stew but, oh well). My husband and I enjoyed it very much and I have a quick, easy meal of leftovers for tomorrow night's dinner. I found the stew made a lot of gravy so I may cut down the water a bit next time. Great, simple stew! Thanks Sugardoll.
  5. babyparentingguide
    I have an SO who hates peppers, so I didn't use those, but wow, even without this turned out great. I also used the broth instead of just water as other chefs have suggested... the gravy on this was so perfect for sopping up with some homemade bread. Made enough for "snack packs" the next day to take to work.


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