beef fondue with dipping sauces

"this is our traditional new years eve dish that i have been making for years. i also serve it with salsa and mango chutney, cornichons, boiled new potatoes."
beef fondue with dipping sauces created by A Good Thing
Ready In:
24hrs 3mins




  • layer onions, beef, onions, drizzle with oil, refrigerate overnight.
  • heat oil to bubbly, keep hot over sterno, dip beef in oil until cooked to your liking.
  • for horseradish sauce, mix all ingredients, refrigerate.
  • for garlic butter, mix all ingredients, refrigerate.
  • for bernaise sauce: combine vinegar, water and pepper in double boiler.
  • add egg yolks, stir constantly.
  • slowly add butter, stirring as it thickens.
  • add lemon juice, tarragon, salt& pepper- if sauce is too thick add a drop of water.

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  1. ctrmom
    I give the horseradish sauce 5 stars. It was the only part of the recipe I used this time.
  2. unknown773
    I just made the Horseradish sauce and I find it extremely bland. I'm increasing the horseradish trying to get some kind of kick in it.
  3. Bonn Amie
    I tried the horseradish sauce and the garlic butter to go with the beef, chicken and shrimp we cooked in the Imperial Fondue broth. I liked the horseradish sauce but a couple of people thought it lacked kick. Maybe a little less sour cream and a little more horseradish next time? The garlic butter was out of this world....but then I'm a huge garlic fan!! I doubled the garlic and was generous with the chives (I used dried chives). This tasted great with the shrimp and was really good on bread too!!
  4. Kmac1805
    Love it! This is a traditional special occasion meal for us too...Christmas or New Years Eve, Valentines Day, Anniversary. A great way to relax over dinner! The sauces were great. We always served clarified butter, but LOVE the garlic butter here. If I might add one more of our super easy favorites, mix sour cream and A-1 sauce (about 2 parts to 1). Creamy with just the right amount of seasoning to perk up the steak chunks! I like to serve Steak Fondue with a Baked Potato and a big salad. I'm always suprised how many people have never had fondue. Suprise someone by planning this fun and yummy recipe!
  5. Chef Wannabe 007
    My favorite was the Bernaise.



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