Beef Burger With Hidden Mushrooms by Rockin Robin Cooks

READY IN: 30mins




  • Start by wiping the mushrooms with a paper towel to remove any dirt. Cut off part of the stem and then slice the mushroom in half. Place all the mushrooms in a food processor and pulse until the texture is very finely chopped.
  • Preheat a large fry pan over medium high heat. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of olive oil and let it heat up for 30 seconds and add the onion and mushrooms. Saute for 15 minutes turning the heat down to medium low after 3 or 4 minutes. Stir frequently.
  • Let the onion/mushroom mixture cool before continuing on.
  • In a large bowl, add the following: the cooled onion mixture, sriracha sauce, bbq sauce, garlic powder and salt. Mix this until well combined.
  • Next add the hamburger by dropping in 1 inch size chunks. This will make it easier to mix the ingredients together without over mixing the beef.
  • Form 4 hamburger patties and press a dent in the center of each burger about 1 inch in diameter. This will help your burger cook up with a flat top making it easier for those condiments to stay on top.
  • Preheat a grill pan or frying pan to medium high heat. Place the patties on the grill and season with a little more salt and garlic powder. Cook about 3 minutes per side before flipping over. I like to place a lid as per the video to help cook the burger.
  • Use an instant read thermometer to check the internal temperature of your burger. A 160 degree F. reading is done. I like to take them off the grill at just under 160 degrees F because it will continue to cook as the burger cools for a couple minutes.
  • If you are adding cheese to your burger, you will want to do so during the last minute or two of cooking.
  • I also like to toast up my bread or buns. I like to place a bit of butter to each half of the the buns which adds a nice flavor to your burger.
  • Ready to put it all together? Place that juicy burger on a toasted bun, then add the pattie and top it with some sliced tomato, avocado and whatever else pleases you!