Bayou Samburger Hamburger

READY IN: 18mins
YIELD: 4 burgers




  • Roast garlic in oven until golden brown (about 30 minutes @ 300 in a small clay roaster), let cool, dice very fine.
  • Listed is 1 teaspoon of spices. Well this site won't accept an name brand spices, I use Bayou Sam's Triple Blast which is equal parts of Tony's, Cajun Rajun, Slap Yo Mama (hot) and half part cayenne mixed well and stored dry, dark and cool.
  • Using only the best quality, fresh ground chuck (I get a chuck roast and have them grind it, that way you know it's all chuck), make 4 loose 10oz balls, next incorporate a clove of the finely diced roasted garlic and form into UNuniform patties 1/2-3/4" thick.
  • Sprinkle or coat to taste with Limon Salt, garlic pepper and Bayou Sam's Triple Blast!
  • Coat onion slices lightly with olive oil and place. on medium to high heat grill. After you've seared. each side well, place beef patties on grill and place onion on top of patty. Keep on patty until. just before topping patty with either or both cheeses. Discard or save onion, you're choice.
  • Sear patties on 600*, rotate 90* after 3 minutes (mind flairups), flip and cook 3 more minutes then move off to 450 part of grill, finish to desired doneness.
  • If you're lucky (or trashy) enough to still have a coffee can of grease on your stove, coat both. sides of the Hawaiian Rolls and toast on a flat griddle or the grill.
  • Build your burger with your favorite condiments.
  • These listed are some of mine.
  • Enjoy the summer while you can. With great Sides like these: "Pecos Sweets" Cantaloupe, Well chilled Black Diamond Watermelon Hearts.
  • Beverage of choice: Raspberry Sun Tea with Lime.